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4 Technologies That Can Improve Team’s Workflow

Companies are always looking for ways to improve the workflow within a company and make its team of people much more effective and efficient. Luckily, employing various technologies can help companies easily achieve this goal.

These are some of the currently available solutions that can significantly improve team productivity and help establish an impeccable workflow.

Cloud technology


Cloud technology is certainly one of the best ways to improve a team’s productivity and workflow. There are plenty of popular cloud solutions out there, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. What makes them exceptional are their features, the two most important being:

  • Data accessibility – This one takes the top of the list, as accessing all the data on the cloud is only a few taps or clicks away, wherever you are. Furthermore, accessing data is possible from a variety of devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. This enables employees to work from any location while any changes made are immediately saved.
  • Collaboration features – Having two or more people working on a document or several different documents simultaneously was practically impossible in the past. Nowadays, employees are in a position to work on tasks and get them done faster.
  • Secure data backups – Keeping data secure was a problem for many companies, as it required equipment as well as a team of IT professionals. But now, this feature is practically included when you are using a cloud service. Not only is the data accessible only by you and your team, but all of it is additionally backed up in case of emergency.

This technology has revolutionized how teams of people work together on projects. It is a solution that should be implemented for all businesses and it is simply the best option for improving workflow.

Knowledge base


Knowledge base software tools are specifically created for growing businesses which contain a lot of data. There are paid and free variants, and many businesses go for Moodle, as it offers a lot of customization. A knowledge base is perfect for collecting and storing all the important information about the company, its regulations, project notes, and any other types of information which is vital for the business.

The platform is specifically useful for sharing a variety of data with new employees, as they can easily go over all the important information on their own. This puts less pressure on all other employees, as new ones can acquire the necessary knowledge on their own.

Team monitoring software

Managing and monitoring the behavior of smaller groups of people, for example those counting 4 or 5 members, is fairly easy. However, when these numbers reach two or more digits, having everything under control is quite a challenge.

Luckily, there is a software tool for this as well. For example, time card software is a perfect way of monitoring the work hours of all the employees in the company. Tracking this sort of statistic is very hard when teams count a lot of members, especially if there are those who work remotely. But, with an easy-to-use software solution like this, tracking team members’ activities is very easy to achieve, which gives managers the opportunity to invest their time on other pressing matters.

Task management software


Teams of people face a variety of different tasks every single day and each task has a deadline that should be met. When there are only a couple of task and a few people, organizing is easy. But, when things add up and more people join the team, it is up to the team manager to find the best way to organize how tasks are going to be performed.

For example, a great platform for task management is Basecamp, which provides an abundance of features for team management. It is a completely easy and straightforward way of adding tasks, adding details about them, and setting the deadline as well as assigning it to all team members. Software solutions like this help teams of people achieve their goals without any bumps.

These were the 4 different technologies that greatly help improve the workflow within a company. Make sure to implement all of these technologies, as they can significantly upgrade the whole process and make it much easier.