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4 Things that Will Help You Improve Your Local SEO Strategy

If your business relies upon large number of local customers, improving your local SEO strategy should be your primary goal. This remains one of the best methods that results in increased revenue, because it makes it much easier for people in your geographical area to find you on search engines.

The internet became the main tool that both businesses and customers use to acquire information that will help them make smart buying decisions. Bing and Google search engines became inseparable parts of digital marketing and economy. That’s why many businesses build their online marketing strategies relying heavily on search engines these days. The following advice will, hopefully, help you get some insight on how to shape your local SEO strategy and get the results you want.

Focus On Customer Experience

Customer experience is a very important thing in the world of business. Providing a customer with reliable and valuable information can tip the scales in your favor and help your potential customer make a purchase. As you have full control of the things that shape the experience of your customers, the design of your business website being one of them,  it should not be hard to work out a strategy that can result in great overall customer experience.

The most important thing is to keep the landing page relevant to the topic that your potential customer was researching online moments before clicking the link to your website. In other words, you want to provide an answer to the kind of problems your target audience is likely to have.

Website Optimization

The first step is to do initial keyword research. This will help you find out relevant keywords for your business. Inserting these local and optimized keywords you have found in your title tag on the index page is a perfect way to get started. But, keep in mind that you should optimize titles for all localized index pages.

This way you can implement a good SEO strategy on both the global and local level.  For instance, if you are a company based in Australia, you can narrow your focus and do SEO for the Sydney area to make sure you reach more potential customers who are based in Sydney, instead of casting a wider net and risking a higher bounce rate. This method allows you to rank higher than other local businesses, which in time results in higher revenue.

Your business name, address and phone number have to be the same on all HTML pages you have them on. Consistency is the key here. Search engines will cross-reference the data you provided for quality assurance. The more consistent you are the higher you will be ranked in search results.

Another major Google ranking factor is the mobile optimization of your website. If you want to facilitate more conversions, having a mobile-friendly website is a must. Especially, now, in the time when mobile device searches outnumber both laptop and desktop searches worldwide.

Provide Detailed Information

Take a look at the top search results by using any search engine. What all of them have in common is that they provide direct data. All the necessary detailed information about your brand or company is right there for potential customers to see. This little pieces of information include details about your business, such as whether a take-out option is available, the location of the nearest shop, prices etc. If you provide such upfront data, you will stand out among competitors and improve your local SEO.

Local Content


If you want to provide content of value to your potential customers it has to be specific for that area. It may sound time-consuming, but time is a small price to pay for the results you will get. The best way for achieving this is to be active on social media and connect your social media profiles with plugins on your website.

Provide the possibility for your customers to ask questions and leave a review of your products and services. Also make an about us page on your website, where you will be telling your customers about the origins, evolution and goals of your business.

Applying these tips alongside with creating locally relevant content will definitely help improve your local SEO strategy. If you want to grow organic, social and direct traffic, you should focus on creating content for the audience and not merely for search engines. Keep in mind that this is not a one-time action. Listening to trends and constantly researching the market, your audience and your business rivals will provide you with data that you can use to build a more effective SEO strategy and reach success.