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4 Ways to Try and Save Your Marriage

Nobody realizes just how hard it is to commit to “death do us part,” but marriage can be extremely fickle. There’s living together, sharing money, parenting, schedules, likes and dislikes, and a variety of other things that you and your significant other need to figure out. For some people, the struggle may be hard, but they find a way to make it work. For others, it becomes too difficult to handle, and they may be teetering on the verge of divorce.


If you and your spouse are going through tough times, there are a few things you can try to do in order to save your marriage. Try a few or all of the following.


Take a trip.

When you’re constantly arguing with someone, it may seem like an awful idea to go on a vacation with them, but it can actually help. When you’re out of your typical environment, you are not bombarded with the same stresses you face on a daily basis. This can help you reconnect with one another and remember why you fell in the love in the first place. It can also allow you to communicate without any interruptions, which is always beneficial for a healthy relationship. Just make sure that if you’re going to go away together, try to be together. Don’t spend all of your time on your phones or doing your own thing; otherwise, what’s the point?


Seek professional help.

Talking with a professional therapist is a great way to try and resolve any issues and work on improving your marriage. You both are able to speak freely to one another with an unbiased third party present, and this allows you to be honest in a comfortable setting. According to Shapiro Legal, “Couples who actively work toward improving their marriage through the assistance of a marriage professional are often able to work through their issues and challenges to make their relationship work.” If you are serious about saving your marriage, this is a great opportunity to do so.


Try harder.

When couples fight, there’s usually an underlying issue. Try to determine exactly what it is that is getting between the two of you, and then make a huge effort to try and change it. For example, if your spouse constantly complains that you spend too much time on your phone instead of being present with them, make it a point to put your phone away. If work is getting between you, try to change your schedule or make it a point not to stay late at the office every day. When you try to make the situation better, you may find that your relationship will stop suffering.



This may seem odd to some people, but if things are bad, separate yourself from the situation. Oftentimes people just need some space from one another to think about their situation and what they want for their future, and legal separation is a way to do this. Some people find that when they are no longer together, they actually miss what they don’t have, and it inspires them to work harder to make it right. Sometimes, though, people will realize that the relationship simply isn’t working and isn’t worth the effort, and knowing this now is much healthier for the both of you before the situation gets too out of control.


Your marriage is important, and it’s also important that you work hard to try and save it. Use these suggestions and make a valiant effort if you want to keep your relationship healthy and strong.