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5 Companies that Know the Real Meaning of Customer Service

Some companies treat customer service as a little part of their business. They don’t understand its value. They fail to realize that excellent customer service not only drives more people to buy from you but also retains current customers which can build a good reputation for your brand.  Customers can make or break a business that’s why it is essential for the company to continue making them happy and satisfied.

Here’s a list of companies who surely know how to get to their customer’s hearts through impeccable customer service:


Zappos has built a name that’s synonymous to excellent customer service. The e-commerce site started its operations in 1999 and has continued to deliver quality shoes and other apparel. Initially, Zappos only intended to sell shoes online, but with the increasing number of retailers making waves on the Internet, they had to step up and differentiate itself from competitors.

Tony Hsieh, Zappos’ CEO, believed that they’re a shoe company that offers top-of-the-line service. They later realized that their primary product is actually customer service and the company just happens to sell shoes.

Data says that 75% of their clients are returning customers and almost all of them have amazing stories to tell about Zappos. A lady named Zaz Lamarr is planning to return her shoes to Zappos, but when her mother suddenly passed away, the situation didn’t allow her to have time for it.

She sent an e-mail to the company stating that she couldn’t make it because of the unfortunate event.  Zappos tapped UPS, a package delivery company, to get the shoes to save her time and allow the woman to focus on her mother. It didn’t end there. They also sent flowers for the deceased family member.


Amazon came up on top and received a whopping 81% at the Temkin Experience Ratings list of companies that offer “good” or “excellent” customer service. The largest online retailer in the world’s free shipping, timely deliveries, and hassle-free transactions are not the only things that brought them to the top spot. Amazon takes pride in their well-trained call center agents who truly listen and understand their customer’s needs. They provide human interaction through phone conversations and personalized e-mails.

Amazon founder Jeffrey Bezos says they are customer-centric. They are more obsessed with providing quality service that can benefit their clients rather than eliminating competitors.

To drive this point home, customer Joe Nocera ordered a PlayStation 3 from Amazon during the Christmas season in 2007, but it was unfortunately stolen after delivery. His neighbor from the same apartment building signed the package sheet for him, but only placed it in their hallway downstairs. Nobody knew how the game console vanished and they had no way to track the thief.

In cases like these, the company shouldn’t be held liable since it has already been shipped and received. According to Amazon’s Conditions of Use, “the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier.” However, when Joe called Amazon to ask if there’s anything that can be done since it’s a Christmas present for his son, they sent a replacement. Amazon didn’t ask for a shipping payment and it arrived just in time.

L.L Bean

L.L. Bean is an American online retail store that provides excellent customer service even if the company does not interact with customers face-to-face. They are known for their prompt response to customer feedback by answering calls within 20 seconds, as well as replying to e-mails within an hour or less.

The brand is also proud of valuing their returning customers by continuously providing them with good service. Though their catalogue is organized, a customer cannot navigate through all of them just to look for a piece of clothing they want to purchase for the second time. When a customer tells L.L. Bean that he purchased a blue sweater some years back and would love to have a second pair, their staff will look at the customer’ purchase history and order it for him.

Twenty years ago, Ron Kaufman purchased a pair of  . Since it was already worn out, he decided to use the garment’s “lifetime guarantee” by shipping it back to L.L. Bean and asking for a replacement. To his surprise, they sent him a brand new pair – same color, same design — requiring no monetary payment.


The luxurious Ritz Carlton Hotel is indeed a part of the lifestyle of the rich and famous, but the company makes sure that everyone gets what they pay for. They make clients feel important not only through exquisite facilities and amenities but also target those emotional trigger points in every guest they entertain.

There have been a lot of reports about Ritz Carlton going out of their way just to make their visitors feel comfortable and have a great time. Ryan Estis lost his sunglasses while riding a paddleboard on the beach. When they returned to the hotel, a staff handed him a pair of Rayban sunglasses asking if it was his. He was with his girlfriend that time and they never mentioned to anyone that he lost a pair. It turns out that one of the hotel’s staff did some snorkeling to retrieve the lost sunglasses.

Another heart-warming story is the case of Joshie, a stuffed giraffe. One of the guest’s eight-year-old son accidentally left Joshie in the hotel, and the family realized this only when they were already back home. After informing the hotel, Ritz Carlton’s Loss Prevention Team sent the stuffed giraffe to their house–including a bunch of mementos from Joshie’s “vacation,” such as the its own employee ID, pictures of him enjoying the pool and the golf cart, and also playing with other plushies.

 Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is one of the U.S. airlines known for their spontaneous service. They make the plane ride an enjoyable experience for people of all ages by providing entertainment in all ways possible. The airline staff is given the authority to decide on-the-spot on matters that need immediate attention.

One example which shows how spontaneous their services are is the story of a five-year-old passenger named Spencer. Nancy, one of Southwest Airlines’ flight attendant, announced on the intercom that it was Spencer’s 5th birthday that day. He asked the little boy to go in front. While he’s walking, Nancy accompanied Spencer’s eight-year-old sister, Elisa, in front since she wanted to play a “Happy Birthday” song on her flute for his younger brother. Everyone was clapping and singing along to Nancy and the siblings.

Aside from giving a memorable rendition of “Happy Birthday,” Nancy placed a crown on the boy’s head. The crown was made of plastic skewers, peanut packets, and clear adhesive tape. It was indeed a spur-of-the-moment move that will be kept in Spencer’s heart forever.

Their customer service department also provides superior service by admitting their mistakes and apologizing for them. They answer questions promptly on the phone or through e-mail.  There have been cases wherein they offered free flights to make up for the bad weather even if it’s not their fault that the flight is cancelled.

To make up for unforeseen events such as flight delays, the airline staff makes an effort to ease the boredom by staging fun activities and exciting games that diverts the attention of irate customers.

These companies know what exemplary web design, business and customer service is about. Through their efforts, they have earned the trust and respect of their clients and cultivated a good reputation that can contribute to their overall corporate image.