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5 Creative and Fun Jobs that Pay Well

You are probably already familiar with fact that lawyers, doctors and engineers are all professions who make serious money. You might’ve already considered these careers, but you simply can’t find yourself in those lines of work. Well, luckily, there are many opportunities out there to pursue, which will both be fun and fruitful.

Software Developer


If you like to be practical and have fun at the same time, software development is made just for you. Your task will be to design a database that supports your company’s applications or to oversee the complete development cycle of a software program. If you have interest in coding, don’t worry; having to supervise all programmers will give you plenty of opportunities to get familiar with many programming languages.

Coming up with solutions for ongoing problems both structurally and in detail requires creativity. You will be busting the myth that programmers sit alone at their workstations and code all day long. Well, a software developer always works in a team. You can meet new people that have different approaches to the same problems and constantly learn new things from your teammates.

Another thing is that you should not worry about your job disappearing; there are a lot of programs that still need to be developed and maintained.

Video Game Designer


If you love video games, there is no better way to stay in touch with them than becoming a video game designer. As the market grows, there will be more and more companies in the entertainment industry that are in need of a designer. Fortunately for you, you don’t even need to leave your home, because there are online game design remote classes that can help you learn from the comfort of your home. You can express your artistic side in this field of work like nowhere else. You can create fantasy worlds and storylines that other people can experience. Besides, many of video game companies are well-known for their fun work environment.


This career path allows you to have a unique opportunity for self-employment. The flexibility and creativity this job allows you to embrace makes it one of the most fun jobs to be engaged in. Meet new people and see new places, capture memories and make them last for generations. These are all the things you “will have to do”. Seeing your clients’ eyes well up with happiness when they see the photos you have taken of their precious little ones is fun.

Not to mention that you’ll have access to all the new, cool gadgets that are highly addictive and fun to use. There are also photography techniques that make this job even more fun, like Panoramic Stitching, Pinhole, Long Exposure and Tilt-Shift Photography.

Ethical Hacker


Did you know that you can hack, or better, try to hack big companies’ computer network systems and software in order to identify security vulnerabilities for money? There is brand new, super fun career out there – Ethical Hacker. At first sight, these jobs can be seen as odd and weird, but the thrill and fun they bring are beyond imagining. Your employers could be big banks, postal offices, hospitals, governments or vehicle manufacturers.

Working for the government will get you security clearances that will enable you to see things some other professions can only dream about. You will be racing other hackers, trying to penetrate the system, which brings a lot of fun into the picture. On top of it all this, you can earn some serious money.


Are you a writer? You can easily pursue a more creative career. There are opportunities out there in the waters of freelancing. Journalism, copy writing, travel writing, blogging; all of these require a writer’s creativity and they could spice up your job with some fun, at the same time providing you with a steady income.

Blogging can connect you with many people online. It’s always fun to read comments on your articles and find out that you have helped someone by inspiring them or giving them a fresh perspective. By having fun while blogging, you can change your life and express yourself in so many ways. Blogging definitely offers many possibilities that can be pursued. And, by being one of the most engaging careers out there, it certainly deserves its place on this list.