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5 Easy Steps for Creating Highly-Lucrative Websites

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 Who doesn’t want to make a lot of money online? However, not all know the right process for creating profitable websites. That is why we’ll teach you about the 5 simple steps for creating one. This includes choosing a domain name, a web site host, and a website theme as well as how to incorporate Google AdSense and other affiliate program codes on your site to make money.

Step One: Finding a Good Domain Name or Web Address

The first step for creating a lucrative website is to find a great domain name or website address. The important thing here is to get a web address that includes specific keywords you use to describe your business. Such keywords will make your website easy to remember. At the same time, they can help you get good rankings on various search engines. Aside from keywords, you will have to consider domain extensions such as “.com,” “,” “,” “.net,” “.tv,” “.biz”. A new domain extension has actually become available recently—“.ws (WorldSite or WebSite). You can try any of the given domain name extension above as alternatives to the more common “.com”.

Our Top 5 Tips for Domain Names:

* Always make sure that your web address is easy to remember.

* Choose an original domain, but remember that it must still reflect what your business is about.

* Include relevant and competitive keywords in your domain name.

* Decide which domain extension is best to use (.com, .ws, etc.). You can also go either for a local or international domain.

* Opt to buy multiple domains if necessary, but make sure the words and terms are close to each other or “similar” in nature.

Step Two: Get Your Web Host and Business Email

Already have the best domain name? If so, you can start signing up with a reputable web host. You literally have hundreds of hosting account deals to choose from, so be careful and thoroughly search for one that will best suit and support your website and business. Sometimes, the best choice for a host is the one based within your country, so it allows for easier and faster communication. You can also consider getting a “resellers account”—this type of web hosting allows you to include unlimited domains and resell hosting for extra profit!

Our Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Web Hosting Provider:

* Always do a thorough search online for the best hosting provider.

* Prefer a web host based on your own country.

* Always check details for the MB/file limit, email accounts, databases, and the like.

* Check out the control panel, and determine if it’s user-friendly.

* Consider getting a “reseller hosting account.”

Step Three: Get a Professional Web Design through Customizable Templates or Established Website Designers

There are two ways to produce a professional theme for your website. The first is to create it yourself. This option requires some skill, HTML knowledge, and web design software. The second way is to hire a web site designer to create the website theme for you.

If you decide to design the website yourself, you ought to choose from the numerous design software available in the market today. There are a handful of freeware and shareware to choose from, but what we recommend is the premium, Macromedia Studio 8 web design package.

If you don’t like coding, you can choose to use pre-made web site templates. These re-designed website themes have navigation and color schemes already created; all you need to do is change them to better fit your business. These templates can save you lots of time and money. At the same time, it can make website designing easy and even enjoyable. You can find literally thousands of free and professional templates available on the internet.

Our Top 5 Tips for Getting a Web Design:

* Decide if you will create a website theme yourself or hire a designer to do it for you.

* Choose a suitable design software if you wish to create a web theme yourself.

* Always surf the internet to get ideas and learn from other popular websites.

* Check out and use free or professional website templates to speed up the designing process.

* Look for available free scripts and tools for your website design project.

Step Four: Start Making Money with Google AdSense!

If we have to choose what the one best way to earn money online, it will have to be Google AdSense. Google makes it easy for all website designers, beginners and experienced alike, to display relevant Google ads on their sites. As the displayed ads match your keywords and content perfectly, your visitors will most probably be interested in the links. Whenever they click on your embedded links, you will be given a commission. Simple as that. If you want to make extra money, you can do so by referring others to the program. The first your referrals make $100US, your account is also credited with $100US.

Our Top 5 Tips for Website Ads:

* Opt to use text ad units to get better results.

* Try to choose link colors that will help the links blend with your existing site content.

* Incorporate Google Ads on your site content.

* Get your referral links ready.

* Make sure that your ads are placed on all your website pages.

Step Five: Get More Money through Affiliate Programs!

Affiliate programs are perhaps one of the best ways to make money online since all you need is to get the product and service links embedded on your website. Whenever one of your website visitor clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you will consequently receive a commission.

Our Top 5 Tips for Joining Affiliate Programs:

* Only sign up with selected reputable affiliate programs.

* Opt to create an affiliate program for your own products and/or services.

* Don’t forget to sign up with Google AdSense to easily increase your profit.

* Consider creating multiple revenue streams from your different websites.

* Try advertising your affiliate products and service to your mailing lists.

Don’t forget to check our website next week as we will discuss the best methods for promoting the website you’ve finished creating today.