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5 Easy-To-Do Seasonal Jobs for a Lazy Summer

Another hot summer is on the horizon, and you’ve just decided to take a couple of months off your college schedule and to prolong your narcissistic millennial status a bit longer? As much as the prospect of being lazy all the way to Labor Day is blissfully exciting, there’s always a catch – in order to keep doing nothing at all, you’ll need a couple of bucks to support you during the summer.

Here are some suggestions for easy-to-do seasonal jobs that require nothing but a laptop and an email address, both of which you already have in your lazy summer arsenal.


1. Errand Boy

With responsible white collars running around everywhere these days, a virtual assistant has become the next big career feat for the underdogs. For each lazy millennial out there, there’s a successful go-getter that needs a little help with juggling all that research and bookings. Suggest outsourcing those tedious and time-consuming tasks to you, and they’ll be more than happy to do it.

To stay in the same niche, but work with even less responsibility, try joining one of the errand services for elderlies. Usually, they provide help to those physically unable to perform everyday tasks by sending young and willing people to their houses – practically, you’ll be doing their shopping, paying their bills, taking care of their pets or taking their clothes to the dry-cleaner’s.

Another alternative is to freelance as a classic errand boy. If you own a car, you can set up an offer to do late-night shopping and deliveries for those unenthusiastic about leaving their couch once the Game of Thrones marathon begins.


2. Tour Guide


If you’re looking to earn some pocket money, but are still not eager enough to launch a career and wear a uniform, a tour guide might possibly be the job of your dreams. Especially lucrative for those living in metropolises and taking pride in being tireless roamers, this job will allow you to keep exploring your home city, meet interesting newcomers and get paid for having a nice time.

Simply promote yourself as a local expert through one of the websites designed for providing informal and helpful tips for travelers and outline an original route that will introduce visitors to all of the amazing urban hotspots in your city.


3. Videographer/Photographer

When the summer is especially sluggish, why not take some time to explore your talents and potentially get paid in the process? With new fancy gadgets and high-definition cell phone cameras, the expensive professional gear once needed for filmmaking is no longer a requirement for video-production jobs.

Nowadays, all you need is a sharp eye – if your creativity has been recognized before, you can start your summer career on nothing but that. Naturally, you’ll need to refine your raw talent with a few online tutorials, but apart from that, nothing can restrain your creativity.


4. Blogger


For some time now, we have been living our lives in both the virtual and the real world, which is why blogging is the ultimate form of expressing yourself in the online community, and with a unique attitude and some luck, earn a couple of bucks. If you tend to spend the summer laying around and reading, consider starting a blog and voicing your opinions on all of the books you’ve red.

Basically any leisure activity you were planning to enjoy can be translated in the form of a virtual diary – cooking, traveling, fashion and photography blogs have already conquered the web, and those are all activities each of us undertake on a daily basis.

Do some research and learn more about starting a blog and building a followership – being the ultimate job of the millennia, blogging is studied as it is easy and fun, and with a little help from your predecessors, you’ll certainly manage to launch your own virtual notebook.


5. Online tutor

In case your academic achievements have been substantial so far, and you simply need a little off-time, you can definitely find a way of reimbursing for all of those all-nighters and long studying hours you’ve been so diligent about over the past few years. Besides, you certainly know a couple of fellow students that need some help preparing their exams for the fall – contact them and offer them a deal of intellectual exchange, consultation and creative input.

With numerous video chat and voice call services available online, you can now provide them help during the late-night studying sessions or even put out a word about your tutoring skills through social media and offer assistance to the students from foreign countries.
With so many earning possibilities the digital age provides, staying idle during the summer months is no longer unachievable. Simply take an hour or two of your day, offer them to those in need of some help, and they will certainly pay off! That way, you can spend most of your time rewarding yourself with some quality leisure time, and even buy a nice drink to cool off.

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