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5 First Date Flicks for Movie Lovers and Gentle Souls

There’s a special kind of intimacy shared between two people as they nervously try to get comfortable on the couch. The spaghetti sauce simmers on, the climax slowly approaches and the palms turn sweatier with each new scene. Whatever the genre, a movie date will never go out of fashion – instead of being the safe bet everyone’s considering it to be, it’s rather a wonderful opportunity to see whether the person sitting next to you shares your unique frame of mind.

So, the next time you start wondering what kind of romantic extravaganza to share with the one you fancy, don’t bother looking farther than these five depictions of true love.

Moonrise Kingdom



Just like the rest of us gentle souls once did, everything Suzy and Sam want to be is together. However strong their forbidden love, both the elements and the people have turned against them, leaving them with the only solution possible – to run into the unknown. Armed with her favourite books and a pair of fish earrings, little Suzy decides to put all of her trust into her wooer, the poetically sceptical Boy Scout Sam, and follow him to the end of it all.

The unlikely pubescent duo will awake every last bit of your nostalgia, encourage you to find beauty in quirkiness and remind you that when it comes to young love, all obstacles are avoidable. Though describing Wes Anderson’s movies might not be the easiest thing in the world, enjoying them certainly is.

Café Society



Once in awhile life urges us to make difficult choices; time after time, our human heart fails at making a good one. The same is the story of the Hollywood sweetheart Vonnie, as devised in the mind of our favourite neurotic, Woody Allen. And if there’s one thing Allen is meticulous about, it has to be the drama of emotional complexity.

Fragrant with expensive perfumes and sprinkled with 1930s tinsels, Café Society is arguably not the director’s finest, but it never lacks the innate silliness and luminous sadness of our potentially fatal, but innate human ways. Although you will discuss the characters’ backgrounds and the nature of their choices the whole picture long, the final New Year’s eve will, no doubt about it, find you tenderly exploring the depths of one another’s eyes.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World



An irresistible punk tale of adolescent sentiments, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is nothing less than an indie classic; most likely, it is the story behind why you have the craziest crush on Annie Clark as well. Regardless of your age, the Edgar Wright’s romcom will remind you exactly of the person you were all those years ago when redhead girls and comic books were all you could think about. And once Ramona Flower’s exes start busting our lead’s bass, you’ll remember the passionate jealousy and the hooded coffee walk arguments too.

The whole slacker rocker spectacle of your high school years is explained here in a nonchalant, yet heart-warming way, but in case you’re already worried, it won’t make you blush even a tiny bit. Moreover, Scott Pilgrim will make you notice that Ramona is finally sitting on your couch, bashfully taking her bra off.


Before Sunrise



A whole world away from Moonrise Kingdom’s subtle magic realism, Café Society’s sparkly portrayal of human vanity and error and Scott Pilgrim’s adoring low-fi approach, Before Sunrise is what all romantic moviemakers wished to have experienced and retold exactly the way it had happened. Linklater, after all, perfectly understands the way our hearts beat in moments of long, ponderous silence, which is why this story is not a story at all, but a fragment of what should and could have been.

Though Jesse and Celine’s intimate conversations about childhood, comprehension and art are here inspired by whatnots they witness along the streets of Vienna, rest assured that’s not where they’ll end up. While this one will close with a kiss and a promise, just like your first date will, the future will bring a couple of lucky surprises more.

Perfect Sense



Imagine the world with no music; then, try to do the same sans the odour of your loved one’s skin, its colour and a comforting touch. The anti-utopia that Perfect Sense proposes deals with that impossibility in the harshest, yet most passionate manner.

In order to explain the mere significance of human senses, our susceptibility for love, friendships and other simple pleasures that surround us, this romantic sci-fi makes its characters blind not to love, but sightless in the most literal way possible. Frightening, yes, but still every bit as profound, poetic and comforting. At the end of it all, Perfect Sense will remind you just how lucky you are to be allowed to hear, see, smell and feel each other to the fullest.

Whichever you choose, and we definitely recommend seeing them all in one night, remember to spread the blanket, let the wine breathe and savour the moment. Who knows – in 10 years’ time, one of those might be the first of a million movies you’ve watched, discussed and loved together.

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