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5 Great Horror Tours in London to Try this Halloween

Halloween is drawing near once again, and it would be good to make some plans now, so that you can have a great holiday. There are so many things you need to do in order to prepare. First, you need to decide what costume to wear, either for a certain party or if you feel like trick-or-treating. You need to find good decorations for your house, and get some candies for all the little visitors. Maybe you need to decide on which places you will visit.

If you are in London, or if you are dropping by for this holiday, we have created a list of tours that will make this Halloween really special. So, once the veil between the two worlds lowers down, make sure to visit these places and have a rather spooky experience.

Jack the Ripper tour

Unfortunately, the Jack the Ripper tour does not include a visit to Jack’s house, or the prison cell he was kept in, since these two do not exist, as a result of him never being caught. However, you do get to visit the crime scenes and maybe absorb some of the ominous atmosphere that still lingers at those locations. Who knows, maybe you’ll get possessed by the spirit of Jack himself. After all, it is Halloween and the killer always returns to the crime scene.

London Comic-Con


It’s almost impossible to get a ticket for this event, so if you haven’t purchased it already, chances are you won’t be able to. However, you can still go and have a good time, because cosplayers will swarm around that place, and you’ll have the chance to see some of the best costumes, and maybe even some celebrities.

Alternatively, if you have a ticket, then you already have an awesome Halloween planned out, and many of your friends who won’t be going are certainly jealous of you.


Why Museums? Well, if you want to see something creepy, then definitely visit the Grant Museum. It has over 68,000 specimens of preserved animals. And if that is not enough to go for this location, then you should know that, at the very entrance, there is a collection of brains, which is really big. It almost looks like an all you can eat buffet for zombies.

Another good location is the Welcome Collection. Those who were always curious about how mummies or shrunken heads look like will now have a chance to feed their curiosity. Furthermore, there is a sketch of Da Vinci’s chandelier entirely made out of bones, which is a Halloween decoration that none of us ever managed to pull off.

Theme parks

There are many theme parks in London, and they are all pretty much decorated for Halloween, so if you want to be scared and adrenalin driven for an entire night, then you should visit these. Of course, you do not have to go to those horror tunnels, since anticipating a jump scare will not give you the adrenaline rush you were looking for. You need to go on a roller coaster, because no matter how hard you try to fight it, your body will react to speed and gravity, and you will be filled with fright.

Haunted pubs


Lastly, if you just want to sit down and have a couple of drinks, then you can visit a pub. Not just any pub though; a haunted pub. Ten Bells and The Spaniards’ Inn are two places with some lore of their own, and according to the stories, they are haunted. Maybe the stories are true, maybe not, but there’s only one way to find out; go there and have drink. After all, Bram Stoker must have had a reason to mention The Spaniard’s Inn in Dracula, so maybe the place is really spooky with or without ghosts.

Well, hopefully you’ll have an awesome and spooky Halloween. You can visit all of these places, or you can pick just one, whichever you find the most entertaining. It is a really cool holiday, and people really get into the whole Halloween spirit. So, if you choose to participate, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

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