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5 iPhone Apps for Your Next Multimedia Project

Technology has been evolving quickly. With the advent of smartphone applications, all the functionality of cameras, music players, music recorders, and even touch-screen synthesizers now fit into one compact packaging.

For your next DIY multimedia project, consider getting these 5 great iPhone apps:

1. Garage Band

Developer: Apple

Garage Band is Apple’s legendary user-friendly music app. If you think the Mac version is great, you’d be surprised how Apple managed to squeeze all the necessary plug-ins and music modules into the iPhone version.

This compact recording software is a literal 8-track recording studio right inside your pocket. This app features tap-on instruments, such as drums, pianos, strings, guitars, and bass. You can even record yourself with a virtual band playing along.

 2. 8mm Vintage Camera


Developer: Nexvio Inc.

When it comes to capturing videos, 8mm brings back the glory of vintage movies. With filters and settings to emulate warm film grains and hues, this app will definitely give your iPhone’s built-in camera a blast from the past. Think of the 1920s and the succeeding years of old-school filmmaking. With this app, it would be as if you’re taking videos from past decades.

 3. iMovie



Developer: Apple

If you need a compact video editor where you can splice images, video and audio, iMovie is the right app for you.

Armed with presets, framings, subtitle editors and other video-editing necessities, iMovie is a pocket video production studio that can be manipulated at your fingertips. The interface is user-friendly and uncomplicated, which makes it ideal even for amateur video editors. iMovie can help you edit your captured videos and images on the go.

4. CineCam



Developer: Yuzamobile

Cinecam offers plugins and filters for your videos. With special effects and lens emulators, this video-capture app can turn your footage into indie film-quality reels. The best part is that this app comes for free. You can then easily share your videos through the app’s integrated social network sharing options.

5. BeatMaker

beat maker

Developer: INTUA

When it comes to manufacturing loops and beats, BeatMaker’s simple interface will get the job done in an instant. Also, this app allows you to record and use samples for your compositions. Beats created with this app can be exported into mp3 formats for sharing and playback convenience.

These highly-recommended apps will get your multimedia project done within the convenience of your smartphone. Gone are the days when aspiring producers would have to pay exorbitant fees for audio and video production. With these apps, producing a multimedia project, be it a music video or a short film, can be done with just a simple push from your fingertips.

Do you have other multimedia apps you would like to recommend for other readers? Share it through your comment below.

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