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5 Killer Tips To Rank Blog Posts Higher in Google

Hello, in this current age of computers and technological advancements, almost everybody runs a blog. However, what’s the point of blogging if it has 0 visitors? All the gurus have taught us that just writing a post and leaving it be is not good enough. They told us that we NEED to do a lot of social sharing in order to get the traffic. NO. What if I told you that there is an easy way to get traffic through Google? You not need to have thousands of followers on Twitter or fans on Facebook. You can, literally, start with 0 fans and followers and see results within 2 weeks … in some cases within a week. I am here to share my tips on how to write and format blog posts that rank high and fast … even if you have a competition and you have no authority in Google’s eyes.

First of all, this article assumes that you already know how to conduct keyword research. If you don’t then you can always use Google for it. However, I am not a big fan on relying on third party tools that tell you exact match value of keyword(s). Hell, I am not a big fan of using Google AdWords as a keyword research tool. I believe that there will be people Googling for certain keywords at some point of my blog’s existence, this is enough for me to start a post around this keyword.

Killer Blog Tips

Assuming that you know how to conduct keyword research, here are the tips that will help you out to get better rankings for the blog post:

  1. Aim for 700+ words per article – I know, I know, gurus tell you that it’s best to have at least 1,000 words. Hell, some even tell you to have at least 2,000 words on your homepage. That’s ok, if you can keep such long articles interesting. I have been blogging in many different niches … I still blog about lindy hop. I used to write 1,5000 – 2,000 posts while reviewing various camps I attend. I noticed that people couldn’t reach the end of the article so I dropped down on word count significantly. Now I get higher visitor engagement, more people actually reach the end of the article and it takes less time to write a killer blog post that everybody loves. Look, every word I write is a golden nugget, I can’t sometimes increase the length of the article by adding bullshit that people don’t want to read.
  2. Keyword density – all the gurus tell you to keep ~2% keyword density. That means that for every 100 words you write, you must mention your keyword twice … That also means that if you write 1,000 words long article, you must mention your keyword at least 20 times. That is great but I never follow this advice. I normally mention keyword 7 times … or 4 if the article is under 500 words long.
  3. Keyword formatting – I am not a big fan of formatting because that actually shows Google that you are trying to kiss its ass by giving away the keywords you are trying to rank for. Google is smart, I am sure Google knows exactly what keywords you are trying to rank for. However, I like to bold first keyword, italic the second, underline the third and link back to the actual blog post the fourth keyword. If I have any keywords left that were untouched, I repeat the bold, italic and underline process.
  4. Interlinking posts – this is one of my secret sauces to rank high. I assume that this is not your first blog post; I assume you have dozens of posts. Now you can interlink the posts with each other. This works great, especially if you can interlink your new blog post from other posts using the keyword you are trying to rank for as an anchor text.
  5. Post extras – I also add related image with keyword as alt text. Besides images, I also create PowerPoint presentation that summarises the article, however, I do not give all the details out in the presentation. Then I upload the presentation to SlideShare and embed it to the post. Furthermore, I record my own voice either summarising the post or just reading entire post and then I make a video using Microsoft Movie Maker (which is free). I use nice and related image for background. Then I upload it on YouTube and then embed it to the post. This way, within 2 weeks or so, I normally have taken 3 spots on Google’s first page for my desired keyword thus doubling the traffic.

These are 5 killer tips on how to rank your blog post on Google quickly and for long term. I hope you found something useful in this post. Promise me this though, you will TAKE ACTION. A lot of people read tips but they don’t take action because they are lazy or they are looking for the next “push button tool” to get traffic or make money online. There is no such thing, commitment and consistency are required to be successful in any business. Just because your first 10 posts don’t rank high, DON’T QUIT AND KEEP TRYING! Keep experimenting until you succeed!

  • thanks for this article i really now going to follow this my articles were less than 1000 now i will increase it