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5 Resume Hacks to Get Recruiters To Fall in Love with You


Right now is one of the most difficult times in history to land yourself a job. Jobs are few and far in between, and for each new opening, there are more than enough candidates to make your head spin. In essence, everything boils down to two options: getting hired or starting your own business. Now, starting your own company in this economic climate is risky, and you have the most chance of succeeding if you are in IT, looking to get your own startup off the ground. Prospects in other fields are much less appealing.

Getting hired not only requires you to have a stellar education, skills, and work experience, but it also requires you to come up with a way to stand out above the rest with your resume. You only have a limited amount of time to present who you are and to make a good first impression, so it’s not unlike going out on a date.

You have to establish attraction so that you secure yourself a date, or in this case, an actual job interview. Of course, you can’t send the recruiters flowers or chocolates, but you can get them to “fall in love” with you by employing 5 effective hacks on your resume which we are about to share with you. Keep on reading.

Figure Out Who They Are and What They Might Like

If the girl (or a guy) you are asking out is athletic and outdoorsy, it would make perfect sense to go hiking, or just for a walk on your first date. If they are film buffs, take them to the movies. The same dating rules apply when sending in a resume for the recruiters to see. Before you put together a resume, find out more about the company you are seeking a job with. If they seem extremely serious and straightforward, it would be best if your own resume could reflect that, because it’s very likely they will be looking for such candidates.

If they are a little bit more unorthodox, you have more legroom to experiment with your resume. You can send in a video or infographic resume, or adopt a writing tone that is less formal and more interesting to read.

Dating tip #1: Don’t send in the same resume every time. They are unique, just like the person you are on a date with, so treat them that way.

Include Relevant Information in a Concise and Clear Manner

According to James Patrick, a writer over at Resumesplanet, your resume should by all means contain: “Your education, your skills, as well as relevant job experience. With that in mind, make sure to present all of that information in a way that is easily readable for the recruiter. This means breaking up important data and milestones into bullet points or short paragraphs. But, in addition to that, remember to keep it short and sweet. You don’t need to list every single technical detail of the project you have been a part of. Instead, explain the project, the final results, and the most important figures tied to it. The right amount of information builds interests. Too much of it creates boredom.”

Dating tip #2: Divulging too much information is like going on about yourself in detail when you are on a date. The other party is bound to get bored, and the end result is the same: you’re not going to get a second date.

Let the Numbers Speak for You

You will run into advice telling you to use power word and phrases where you can, but these are not only too general and vague, and convey very specific information, but they are also used by just about any candidate out there, which renders them completely useless. Most recruiters have developed a habit of ignoring them as filler, so why not make use of that space for something else? More specifically, share information that can be quantifiable, as the recruiter can get a better sense of your accomplishments and skills.

For instance, if you are a successful writer and a blogger, list the number of followers your blog has, or the number of shares your content receives across social media platforms.

Dating tip #3: Instead of just bragging about you and your skills, find a way to demonstrate them and convince your date you are the real deal.

Build Strong Social Media Presence

Seeing as we live in a digital age, it is simply a matter of good manners to keep your social media accounts active and polished. Studies show that over 90% of the companies you will apply for a job with will have their recruiters go over your social media profiles as well, whether you have listed them on your resume or not. This is especially true in the case of LinkedIn, so at least make an effort to keep your profile up to date, share relevant content and network with the people from your industry. It will show the recruiters that you are not only informed and knowledgeable, but that you are fully invested, as well.

Dating tip #4: Social media accounts are your face, it’s what the recruiters also get to see. So, just as you would get ready for a date, shower, shave, and dress for the occasion, prepare your social media accounts accordingly.

Don’t be Too Impersonal

Depending on how flexible your potential employers are, and the industry, you can let a little bit of your personality shine through, whether it’s through the design of your resume, your writing, your social media accounts, or the information you decide to share on your resume. If the company you are looking at is very progressive, there are less limitations as to what you can write on your resume. Maybe your personality will be the very thing that lands you the job. Of course, you still need to come off as a professional, and not a clown, if you want to be taken seriously.

Dating tip #5: Playing it safe can make you seem generic and boring. Share your personality and what makes you – you.

Your resume is your only chance to make an impression on the recruiters, so make it count. Take the time and research the recruiters first, and then take it from there. You will be able to see what they are looking for.

After that, it is a matter of disclosing all the relevant pieces of data in a way that is punchy, readable, and if there is room for it, original and unique. Don’t just rely on words. Numbers can be your allies, as well as your social media activity.

All of these things add up to who you are, so make sure that the recruiters know it too.

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