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5 Road Trip Hacks That Will Save Your Summer

America may have invented the road trip, but the experience behind the wheel was refinedin Canada, where the long open roads of the Trans-Canada Highway wind from coast-to-coast. It’s no surprise then that many Canadians will hit the road this summer. Whether for quick, in-province trips or longer, cross-country drives, you might be joining them on the open road. But as anyone who’s experienced gridlock knows, road trips aren’t always easy driving.

If you plan on putting the pedal to the medal this summer, check in with these road trip hacks. They’ll save on stress as you ride in style.


1. Download GasBuddy

Though it gives you a unique perspective of the country, your road trip isn’t exactly cheap. Gas is an expensive commodity, and its price can stop you from clocking the miles you want this summer. Keep your expense at the pumps low by downloading the GasBuddy app. It helps you find the cheapest gas along your route, so you never have to pay more than you should.


2. Invest in a car mattress

If you’re making the trip on your own or with just with your partner, you can skip the cost of a hotel by investing in a car mattress. These inflatable beds can fit in the back seat of the typical sedan or the trunk space of a van to provide a free and comfortable place to lay your rest. Just be careful you choose a place that’s safe and legal to park overnight, so you can catch some Zs in peace.


3. Know how to jump a car

Though you don’t want to dwell on the scary “what-ifs” of your trip, it’s important you know how to protect yourself should something go wrong. Brush up on how to jump a car and make sure you have jumper cables in your trunk. While you’re at it, assemble an emergency kit for your trunk, so you’re always prepared.


4. Have a contingency plan

Canada’s considered one of the safest places to travel, but emergencies can happen. You might get a flat tire and have to pay for a new one halfway through your trip. Or you may be involved in a minor fender bender that you want to pay outside of insurance. You need to know how you’ll cover these emergencies, even if you have a small budget. Do some research before you hit the road by looking up the fastest payday loan Canada has to offer. You’ll find online lenders like GoDay provide speedier alternatives to the bank’s cash advances. Their online platforms make it easy to secure a fast payday loan online wherever your road trip takes you.Their automated approval speeds up what could be slow from any other resource, so you can get the cash wherever you are on the road — even if you aren’t near a city centre.


5. Power nap in style

If you can switch off driving, make sure you can catch a cat nap while your co-pilot takes the wheel. Make sure you don’t get a kink in your neck by investing in the Relax Alley. It’s a conspicuous sleep aid device that keeps you from pulling a muscle while you nap. What looks like a normal headband is actually an accessory that hooks around a seat rest to lock your head in place.


A road trip is a quintessential summer activity, so make the most out of yours this summer. Take note of these hacks while your plan for you cross-country trip, and you’ll save on gas, sleep, and stress once you hit the road.


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