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5 Silly Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Beat Burglars

Do you want burglars to break into your home and steal all your valuables? If you would like to stay in possession of all your stuff you can’t make things easy for them. If someone wants to break into your home it’s going to happen whether you like it or not.

Thankfully, you’ve probably got more chance of winning the lottery than coming up against professionals. If your home is broken into it’s likely you made a silly mistake, so let’s look at all the little things you should avoid to keep opportunistic burglars at bay.

Don’t Go Bragging Online

Nowadays the bad guys don’t even have to sneak around the neighborhood looking for homes to rob. All they have to do is keep a watchful eye on social media and they’ll know which homes will be empty. If you’re going away don’t broadcast it over Facebook because you never know who might be watching. It’s even worse when you begin talking about a vacation as burglars will have lots of time to plan ahead.

Your Alarm System Location

You have to think carefully about where you’re going to place your alarm system. A lot of them are placed near the front door, which is fine as long as you can’t see them from the outside. If you have a glass door or it’s easy to see through the mail slot it’s no good. Burglars will be able to tell within a few seconds whether or not your alarm system is turned on and they’ll break in when possible.

Lock Up Things In The Garage

For some reason people forget to lock their garage on a regular basis. Even if it doesn’t have a door connected to your home you could still keep fairly expensive possessions in there. Check out some bike lock reviews so nobody can get away with your bicycle. Keep all of your tools locked away in a proper toolbox. In an ideal world you’d never forget to lock the garage, but if someone does get inside you don’t want them to get away with anything costly.

Never Leave Your Key Outside

It’s surprising this still happens today and it should have been buried in the past. Why in the world would you keep a spare key hidden in your garden even if you truly think it won’t be found? It’s not hard to look in a few common places most people hide keys, plus someone could easily see you tucking it away one day. If you’re going to leave a spare key anywhere it should be with a neighbour you trust.

Keep Valuables Out Of Sight

You should never keep valuables near your windows. We’ve already established that most burglars are opportunists, so what do you think will happen if they can easily smash a window and grab something within seconds? It also helps if you keep your curtains closed at night, because when it’s dark and the lights are on people can see what’s inside. It’s less likely they’ll peer into your windows during the day.

Nobody Is Out To Get You

One of the best things about keeping your home safe is the fact nobody is out to get you. Burglars don’t care if it’s your home or the one next door. They look for the easiest target they can find, which puts you in a good position. All you need to do is avoid making silly mistakes. You can start by making sure you deal with all the points we’ve touched on today.