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5 Steps for Cleaning Your House Before You List It for Sale

Open houses can be a very overwhelming experience and a little bit hectic, but if you organize everything the right way, and with some quality cleaning tips, you will make your home ready in no time. There are several things that everyone who is looking to sell their house needs to have in mind when it comes to cleaning. This can make a real difference in the overall look of the house and this is why we have prepared these several steps to guide you through the process.

Step 1: Deep Cleaning


When buyers come into your home, the first thing that they immediately check are the floors. Floors are the ones that make a huge difference in the way your house is shown to the buyers. So, if you have carpets, vacuum and scrub them and, if your floors are made of hardwood, make sure to shine and polish them so that they show their natural grain and beauty. If you have tiles, clean the grout so that they can shine as much as they can.

We advise that you spray your home for roaches and other pets, just in case, so that you do not encounter any nasty surprises, especially when you have a potential buyer in the house. Your floors are the thing that makes a first impression, so make sure to pay close attention to their detailed cleaning.

Step 2: De-Clutter


Perhaps one of the biggest turn offs for buyers is walking into a home that is cluttered. If your things are just laying around your home, it will make the house look unorganized, messy and not that appealing. So, take some time and go through the whole house. Remove all of the items that do not have a function. Make sure to remove the items that overcrowd the room or affect the overall design.

Step 3: Dusting


Dusting is an important part of every open house. You need to make sure that you dust all surfaces and make you house look tidy and neat. This is a process that does not take up a lot of your time, but it has a really huge impact. Your tables, baseboards, fans and ceilings need to be dusted so that they can give your home a fresh and neat look. Dusting is something that can be done a little bit every day, because you do not want to make your home look abandoned.

Step 4: Cleaning the Bathrooms


Bathrooms are also a big issue for the buyers, so make sure that your bathrooms look spotless. Show them off in their natural beauty. By keeping your bathroom neat and clean, you can give it a more appealing look and that will satisfy the buyers. They hate seeing that the toilet needs to be scrubbed, or that the tub needs to be poured over with some bleach. Your home needs to be your oasis, and by doing some deep cleaning and maintaining it, you will attract a lot of prospective buyers.

Step 5: Shining the Windows


This is something that many people forget to clean regularly, and one of the elements that is crucial for selling your home is the way natural lighting filters into the house. If the windows are streaked and grimy, it may look like your home is lacking natural light. This is why you need to scrub your windows before you list your house for sale, so that it receives as much light as possible and make it look well-kept and neat. You can even make the window cleaner by yourself and if you have children, remove all the smudges and fingerprints or any other dirt that may be on the windows.

All this cleaning may feel overwhelming, but this is something you need to do before the buyers start looking at your house. You always have the option of calling a professionals who can clean your home in detail, if you are busy or taking care of your kids. Having your home tidy and clean will give you that extra push that will help you win over potential buyers.