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5 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Dog

Having a first pet, no matter if you’re adult or a just a kid, is very exciting. I’m sure you already visualized what the two of you will do together and it probably makes you want to squeal and smile until your jaw starts hurting.

However, although your enthusiasm is completely justified, having a dog isn’t all just fun and games. Soon, you’ll have a small being right by your side who will become an important part of your life and you will need to consider certain things very seriously in order to determine whether you’re really ready to make your dog happy – it shouldn’t be just the other way around.

They Are Not Ornaments

Most dogs are quite hyperactive and that means that they won’t just stand still and be pretty to look at throughout the day. Having this wonderful creature in your home is a lot more that you petting them whenever you feel like it – at certain points, they will be loud or needy, or perhaps they’ll have too much energy, and you need to be the one to take care of their needs.

It Will Be Necessary to Discipline Them

It doesn’t really matter if you’re getting a small or a big dog – if you want your life and theirs to be easier when they grow up, it’s quite necessary to spend a serious amount of time when they are just puppies to train them properly.

This project will require doing some serious homework and finding out about the best methods in order to teach your dog the basics – how to walk with you instead of dragging you wherever they want to go, how to respond to your commands and, if it comes to that, how to do some tricks.

Now, most pet owners think that their dog will know how to turn over, fetch things and even bring them a refreshing beverage perhaps, but you need to understand that each of those trick needs to be result of your dedication and a lot of patience.

They Need a Lot of Love

Dogs can be very needy and it’s quite important for you to fall in love with this characteristic of theirs because, otherwise, you can get agitated with that in the future. It’s unbelievable how a being can shower you with copious amounts of unconditional love without asking for anything in return, which is why I think you should do your best to deserve it.

You Need to Be Careful about Their Nutrition

I’m sure you probably heard from some pet owners how their dogs eat whatever they eat, and you should know that those people are very lucky that they have a healthy animal. For a dog to develop properly, you need to pay special attention to what they eat and weather their meals contain enough nutrients for them to grow up into an exemplary specimen of their species – which should be one of your goals.

They Will Require Medical Care

Having a dog is very similar to having a baby at many different points, and pethood and parenthood combined together have many positive outcomes. Obviously, if you don’t provide them with healthy meals, they will get weak and sick, and if something like this happens at their early age, they will probably drag these problems around throughout their lifetime.

This is something that you need to avoid at all costs because that image of you and your dog being happy will turn out into depressing torture. Therefore, it’s quite relevant for you to get a great vet, follow their instructions about the shots each dog needs to get and watch your pet’s behavior closely. If a problem comes up, you can respond to it quickly and get rid of a potential illness and its consequences before it even spreads out.

All these things we went through probably scared you and I believe that this isn’t a necessarily bad feeling – if you know exactly what having a dog will require from you, you’ll be more prepared to deal with any situation that may come your way.