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6 Alternative Ways To Use Your Garage

A car is a sizable piece of machinery. It needs a lot of room to store and hence the garage was born. However, the garage is empty most of the time with no car in sight. We mostly use garages to dump old things that we do not need any more or do things that we are not allowed to do inside the house. But the garage has immense potential.


Imagine this, you have tons of people over at your place. Your family is having a communion of sorts but you need a break from all chitter-chatter for a while. You can easily do this in your garage. Convert the empty space into a personal study. It could fit few book shelfs, a desk and a comfortable chair. A little work on the lighting is must though. Installing air-con is a reasonable thing to do if you are going to spend prolonged period of time in there. Throw in a mini fridge and you could probably spend days in there.


Are you at the weird age where you and your friends are too lazy to go out but still want to hang out somewhere? You could easily do so in your garage. You can put in a sofa and a carpet is a safe bet to have so people can even sit on the floor.  A television is a must have to make sure you and your friends do not get bored. A console along with that TV will greatly aid the cause. You can also have card games or even hold poker nights with your friends. This way, you won’t need to worry about inconveniencing your family while your friends are over.


An empty garage opens a world of probabilities to earn a few extra cash if you’re hard up in these tough times. Jobs are tough and competitive these days, and it is always a good insurance policy to earn a few extra bucks. Turn your garage into your very own class room. You could easily fit at least ten chairs with attached tables to accommodate your students, with a whiteboard, projector and a screen for your class. You will however need to make sure you get Wi-Fi in that room for your teaching purposes. Since this is a classroom, you will also require an air con. The initial investment is quite substantial but it will start to pay off soon enough if you stick with it.


Do you often have guests over? Do they stay with you far longer than expected? Then turn your garage into a guest room. It could easily fit a bed. A small clothes rack and a table should be enough to accommodate a guest. Since you plan to house guests, you have to paint the walls, work on ventilation and probably buy a better garage door. You can make sure that your guest has a comfortable stay and you get to retain your privacy.


In this day and age, there is barely any space for children to play. Parks are limited and buildings are mashed together in this ever growing concrete jungle. Your children could benefit from a game room. Turn your garage into a game room. Fill it with toys where children can play and be physically active instead of being hunched over in front of a television. This will also give you and your wife a break from children where you can just relax for a while.


Planning to lose some weight gained over Christmas? Too busy for the gym? Well then, bring the gym to you. Turn your garage into a gym, albeit a small one. This will be expensive but no amount of money is enough to make sure you stay healthy. On the plus side, big investments compel you to work out more; otherwise the money is just a waste. You won’t need all the equipment in your local gym; just buy the ones that fit into your plan and before you know it, you’ll be rocking that summer body.
These are just some of the ways to make use of an empty garage. Use these nifty tips to make your life productive or fun. You can also implement your own ideas if you want to. Remember, the garage is just waiting to be explored.

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