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6 Best Online Survey Services

Online surveys are a great way for a company to gather valuable data – they are more efficient than phone surveys, definitely less uncomfortable and time-consuming. When it comes to surveyors, however, they can benefit greatly from online surveys – many rewards and discounts are more than likely to be available, while there is no personal conversation they might find unpleasant. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best online survey services available out there.


This site works on behalf of leading companies, gathering opinions about certain products, services and ideas. What’s in it for you, as a surveyor? Well, many Amazon vouchers, prize draws and even free products. If you gather about 80,000 points (you get 3,000 to 6,000 per survey), you get a £15 voucher. Set aside at least a bit of your time for trying this service out – it might be worth it!


OnePoll might not excel at the number of rewards, but they are great, when it comes to concrete rewards – you either earn cash or PayPal payments. The best part of this survey service is the fact that it is widely known for the shortness of their surveys and a wide variety of topics. You can expect 10p-£1 per survey, so, if you have some free time on your hands and are somewhat of a procrastinator, give this one a go – surveys are really fun to answer!

Opinion Outpost

Fast payments and generally fun surveys are the backbone of Opinion Outpost’s popularity, which makes this service on the very top of paid surveys list. The rewards to expect here are cash and ever-popular Amazon Vouchers. They pay 50p per survey, with a minimum reward threshold of £2.50. Each survey takes 10-15 minutes and you only need to complete 5 to be due a payout.



If you are a student looking to get some pocket money quickly, OpinionPanel might be a great choice – you get £10 just for signing up and can earn way more for diligently filling out surveys. OpinionPanel is by-and-large the greatest research panel for students and graduates in the UK. The rewards comprise Amazon and high-street, Bonusbond vouchers, so you can hope to earn £1-2 per survey, or even £30 – £70 for online focus groups. The minimum reward thresholds is £25 for students only!


This service provides statistics to the press and current affairs programmes, and it offers only cash as rewards. You are looking to get paid an approximate amount of £2 per survey, with a minimum reward threshold of 50 points, which makes for approximate £50. The decent payouts that this service offers have made it somewhat popular and you can expect to earn £1 for every 5 minutes of filling out the questionnaires. Keep in mind, however, that you should be extremely careful with your answers, as they have quality checks put into place to whisker the cheaters away – the information truly matters to PopulusLive.


If you are a participant to a larger number of surveys, Ipsos may prove for a valid income. With this service, you are looking to get paid £10+ a month in rewards, such as High-street and Amazon vouchers, as well as prize draws for all members. An approximate of £1 per survey is to be expected, with a minimum reward threshold of £10. It should be also mentioned that Ipsos is a well-trusted panel.

Filling surveys is a great way to get paid online, while making a valid contribution to your favourite brand. All 6 online survey services are well-trusted and you should keep in mind that the majority is equipped with anti-cheat systems – don’t go out filling out the questionnaires just like that – provide valuable information instead.

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  1. Hey Marcus,

    thanks for listing all the websites here. It’s quite helpful for me to find the survey websites. You have saved a lot of my efforts finding the genuine surveys. I already have signed up for toluna and going to try others.

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