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6 Cool Means of Transportation That You Can Use to Avoid Walking

Sure walking is healthy, but sometimes you need to look cool and stand out from the crowd as you move around. Here is a list of really cool gadgets or means of transportation that you can use to get around, or even use to ride around the house, since some of them are quite compact.

An important thing to remember is that these are not one hundred percent user-friendly, meaning if you are not careful you can fall off, but all of them are quite easy to master, so no need to worry too much.   



It is a gyro-stabilized unicycle that runs on electricity, and it would be wise to try out and get a hang of it before you start using it as a primary means of transportation. This is a hands free experience, so it will look like you are levitating as you move around. Solowheel goes up to 10mph, and it can carry a person who weighs up to 220-lb.

Solowheel weighs 24lb and has 1500-watt motor and it is a bit pricy. You can get a solowheel for approximately $1,500, but if you want something faster you can go for an Xtreme version that has over 2000-watts of power, since these are also available.  



This is probably the weirdest item on this list, and it is created by the same company that makes Orbitwheels. The picture is pretty self-explanatory: there are two wheels, with pads that you place your feet on, and once you do that you are mobile.

If the Solowheel is too expensive for you, then this will be the product you are after, since they only cost around $100. They are a cross between a pair of inline skates and a skateboard and they run on all sorts of different surfaces, so you’ll have a blast moving on those.



Longboarding is a sport that has gained a lot of popularity recently, so there are a lot of new users who are trying to master riding a longboard. This is very similar to skateboard, so if you are an experienced skateboarder this should be quite easy. In case you are new to the whole experience then a wise thing to do is pick some longboards for beginners and give them a try. All of these longboards look really awesome, so you can’t go wrong, just get the one you like the most.



Very similar to solowheel, but far easier to balance, however they do present some form of a challenge, but that only makes them more fun. Hoverboards have become a trend over the past few years and a lot of celebrities do not shy away from using them in public. The prices for a hoverboard go from $400 to $1800, so if you manage to find something cheaper, make sure the product you use is safe. Also, it would be wise to use helmet for a few days before you are absolutely sure you can navigate the thing without falling.  

Treadmill Bike

It is a bit healthier than the rest of our vehicles, but with this one you walk and don’t walk at the same time. To be precise, you walk to move, but your feet do not touch the ground. It is a costly product that is around $2000 and the name is rather self-explanatory: you walk on a treadmill and the wheels will turn.

Surprisingly these things are quite popular, in spite of the fact that it is exactly the same thing as walking. The only difference is that when you use Treadmill bike, you don’t have to get your feet dirty.

The Segway

It’s not exactly new, but with all of the other different means of transport popping up, it’s no surprise that the Segway managed to make a comeback. It costs around $1000, it travels at speed of 12,5 mph and a single charge will last you 24 miles. It is a safer option than the rest of the vehicles on the list, and it is also very fun.

This about sums it up, these are the alternative means of transport that you can use to get around, and look cool while doing it.