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6 Memorable Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns and Their Effects

Marketing is one of the most important things in every company. The chances of succeeding rapidly increase if you plan out a good and efficient strategy for your business. Online marketing is a very efficient method of attracting customers to your website and your whole business. However, there are other methods of creative marketing that can bring incredible results.

Guerrilla marketing is the perfect marketing strategy that leaves a memorable impression on people and easily turns them into your customers. So, if you are looking for a cheap way of gaining more customers, guerrilla marketing might be the right option for you. Establishing a successful guerrilla marketing campaign requires a lot of creativity and a variety of other elements. Here are some interesting examples of how companies have performed their guerrilla marketing campaigns.


Cingular’s marketing billboard


This company created a unique billboard in the middle of a city. The billboard was placed up high in the air, with a piece of it being placed down on the ground. The message asked people about whether they hated dropped calls, and the word “calls” was the one that was on the ground. The fact that people actually hate when this type of malfunction happens and the fact that the billboard was created in a in-your-face method, attracted the attention of thousands of people who would pass it in the street.

The call to action to change the service provider certainly got to people, not to mention that the majority of them must have remembered the unique design of the whole advertisement.


Folgers’ steaming coffee


Millions of people around the world enjoy drinking coffee every day. And Folgers creative marketing team took use of street art to remind the people to enjoy this awesome beverage every day. A mug containing coffee was drawn in the street, over a steaming manhole, the pedestrians in the street could notice this awesome design and could immediately continue to the nearest coffee shop to get a little bit of the fine Folgers coffee.


Oscar Mayer


This unique guerilla marketing campaign involves a whole car made to resemble a hot dog, also known as the Oscar Mayer wiener-mobile. The campaign was very successful as the car traveled between cities throughout the US and was literally spotted by millions around the country. The approach was so unique that it was even featured on television. The more lasting the guerrilla marketing approach is, the better for the effects of the marketing campaign. This is certainly one example that is going to be remembered for a long time.


Crashed Nike ball


This is an incredible way of catching the pedestrians’ attention in the streets – a ball lodged into a side of a building. The ball also carried the Nike logo, which caught the attention of millions during the time it was in the building. This is a powerful message that goes deeply into the subconscious part of people’s mind, which makes it a highly efficient marketing technique.

The way the scenery was built, indicated that the ball was so good that it would give the extra power to the soccer players’ kicks. Who knows how many soccer teams purchased this ball.


Red Bull Pitstop in the middle of Time Square

This was a perfect guerrilla marketing strategy, as Time Square is one of the busiest places in the world. The whole Red Bull car team recreated the “pit stop” scene in the middle of the square. At first it must have bothered some people because the team was in the way, but the presentation became so interesting that thousands of people spoke about it for a long time.


WWF’s Pandas


One day, residents of Paris could see around 1600 paper pandas scattered across the busiest parts of the city. The stunt looked funny in the beginning, but it made a great impact on millions around the world as there were only 1600 pandas left in the world. It was the perfect approach of raising awareness of the fact that pandas were coming very close to extinction.

This is a perfect way of selling a story, which, in this case, was about keeping the pandas safe and ensuring their survival. Ever since this event, the number of pandas around the world has been on the rise and this continues to be the case even today.

Guerrilla marketing is an interesting strategy for growing your business, but it is also great for raising awareness of people around the world. It all comes down to how creative your marketing team is. Try not to go viral with a bad marketing campaign, as your whole business is going to be ridiculed. The point is to leave a long lasting impression on those who see the advertisement. The longer it is remembered the better, as word of mouth marketing is one of the best ways to acquire more customers.