At Work

6 Strategies for Boosting Productivity at Work

Productivity is parallel to your success at workplace. Any employer would want all their employees to be the most productive they can be during their workday. If you lack performance and productivity you could risk your potential for promotion and even risk losing your job if you’re not as efficient and effective as the rest of the team.

If you consider yourself to be unproductive at work you might need to reconsider how you’re spending a typical day at work. How you are managing your time and tasks can tell a lot about how productive you have been throughout the day. If you want to get more things done at work then you might want to increase your productivity. Time to sip on the potion for high productivity, coffee, I meant and get on with these simple tips to boost up your productivity.

1. Plan Your Day Ahead

Planning your day ahead can save you a lot of trouble of coming back to work with no direction. You need to prioritize tasks you have to complete the next day, before leaving the work. Even when you have unexpected or emergency tasks at hand, you’ll know what comes at the top of the list.  A well organized and scheduled person is known to be more productive than someone who deals with things as they come. This approach is not suitable for anyone who wants to improve productivity at work. If possible, make your calendar for the entire week, to list down things that you have to do. At the end, you get the cloud nine level satisfaction for crossing things off that ‘to do’ list.

2. Avoid Distractions

Another component for killing productivity is distractions. It is hard to focus on your work when you have a talkative colleague standing at your desk, gossiping about things you couldn’t care less. Although some distractions are unavoidable during the workday, it might help to minimize their frequency. If you have an office, shut the doors. If you work in a cubicle and a coworker interrupts, politely remind them you’re on a deadline, and you’d love to talk later.

 3. Stay Focused & Avoid Multitasking

Despite the popular belief, multitasking is unfavorable for your working habits. You probably feel multitasking can help you do more in limited time, but many studies would tell you otherwise. Multitasking depreciates a person’s productivity. It not only diminishes creativity but also has a higher ratio of making mistakes as it’s hard to remember or keep track of the important details. It is highly recommended to stay focused on one task at a time. If you keep your focus fixed at the task at hand, it can get more things accomplished in less time.

Moreover, one can also lose their focus if not psychically rested, it is better to get proper rest and sleep before you start your workday.  Check out Some Great Adjustable Mattresses, and see if they can increase your productivity. As they say, a sound sleep makes you more productive! (I just made that up, but you know it’s true). 

4. Self-Imposed Deadlines

Time is of the absolute essence, if you can’t manage your time correctly, you need to impose deadlines on yourself. According to research, some people are more efficient when they have a deadline hanging over their head. Remember how you used to write assignments just a night before the deadline and produce the masterpiece of your life? Use that technique to remain productive and ensure maximum work efficiency.

5. Take Short Breaks/Intervals

We tend to get fatigued sitting in front of the desk all day long. This can also be one of the reasons for being unproductive. It wouldn’t hurt to take a short walk around the office, or walking across the street to get your favorite beverage. Small breaks help to increase productivity by getting you all pumped up and relaxed when you return to work. Whenever you lack in productivity due to tiredness or lethargy, take a short break and see if it changes your mood when you get back to work.

 6. Don’t Be A Procrastinator

Procrastination is the art of putting off your work and wasting time on unimportant things. It is becoming an addiction for most people, and it’s getting harder to beat it every passing day.  The best way to avoid procrastination is to remind yourself of how important your time is and that it should be consumed effectively, especially when you’re at work. Another way to beat this addiction is to work with your team. If you’re a team, you’re less likely to fall back in productivity when working on a task together.  It also helps to get things done faster.

There’s no excuse for unproductivity, which doesn’t have a solution, the discussed strategies can minimize your unproductive time, and maximize your productivity.  Holding yourself accountable whenever you’re about to fall back helps stay productive throughout the day.