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6 Things You Should Do in Case of a Car Accident

No one likes to think about this, but it’s not like you can be absolutely positive that you won’t be a part of an accident. You can and should do everything in your power not to cause one and take all the precautions possible but those are factors you can control – the rest depends on other people.

However, you can also get familiar with the course of actions you should take in case you find yourself involved in a car accident so you don’t find yourself completely confused in that situation. These steps will help you reduce the damage as much as possible and protect you physically and materially.

Calm Yourself Down

The most important thing and the first one on our list is calming yourself down. In order to be capable to do anything, you need to exclude panic as a factor. If you don’t try to control yourself, you will make the problem even bigger and the whole situation even harder for you and everyone involved.

Therefore, you should go to your happy place, do some breathing exercises or count to ten and backwards until you reduce those levels of adrenaline in your body enough so that you can deal with the problem.

See If Anyone’s Hurt

Start with yourself. Considering the fact that your body is trying to protect itself by releasing adrenaline and that your pain receptors are number than usual, take time to see if you’re really fine. By taking proper care of yourself first, you’ll be sure that you’re capable to check everyone else – which is exactly the next step here. Before you start worrying about that damage done to yourself, make sure that everyone involved in the accident is fine.

Get Off the Road

In order not to make more damage and get more people involved, you need to get out of danger and move to a sidewalk or any place near that’s safe enough. You should take an additional precaution and mark that place where your accident occurred by turning on your signal lights at least.

Call the Police

The best way to protect yourself from being mistreated and used in case of an accident is to contact the authorities – it doesn’t really matter if it’s your fault or not, the official procedure should be conducted. There are people who’d like to make an agreement without the police but my suggestion is not to take your chances here because not all damage is visible at the moment.

My suggestion is to get an ambulance on that spot of the accident just in case – if some of those people involved in this accident are having internal bleeding of some sort, that won’t be something you’ll be able to notice and it can be very dangerous and even deadly, depending on the severity of the injury.

Get in Touch with Your Insurance Company

After contacting the police, you should dial your insurance company and notify them that you’re in need of their services. This is the step you shouldn’t forget in all this mess because, the sooner you get in touch with them, the sooner they’ll be able to compensate the overall damage.

Find an Experienced Lawyer

Not a lot of people are able to deal with all this stress, and if you are usually jumpy and you don’t really know how to handle hazardous situations, you should have a professional do it for you. You should be aware of the fact that the Wilshire Law Firm has car accident lawyers who are experienced in the field and you can be positive that their team is capable of protecting your rights and making sure that not a single law is violated.
These situations can’t be pleasant and it’s quite normal that they experience a range of emotions like anger and frustrations – some people even have a need to express these emotions physically, which is exactly what you mustn’t do, because you’ll make things even worse. Put in your best effort to calm yourself down because, that way, you’ll be able to control the situation in front of you. Go through these steps, remember not to miss any of them and make sure that your rights are protected.