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7 Arguments In Favor Of Renting A Coworking Space In Dubai

Renting a coworking space in Dubai will help you cut down expenses and boost the productivity of your business. A coworking is a large and fully-equipped office rented by several small organizations, startups and individuals. Initially, such a format was particularly popular among IT companies and the representatives of the creative industries. Today, small businesses of nearly any sphere of activity can benefit from sharing a modern and stylish office. In this article, we will analyze the seven primary advantages of coworking that might inspire you to sign a rental contract.

7 Arguments in favor of a Coworking Space

Entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals and remote freelancers appreciate coworking for the following reasons:

  • Cost-efficiency. If compared to renting a separate office, coworking spaces are much more budget-friendly. The price of the rental depends on which part of the space you occupy: a table, several tables or a whole corner. You might use the same table every day or choose a new one each time you arrive.
  • Flexibility. The owner of the coworking space will not ask you to sign a long-term contract or pay a large sum upfront before moving in. When you decide to move out, you will be able to do so at any moment, without paying a hefty fine for the premature termination of the contract.
  • Amenities. Modern coworking spaces are fully furnished and equipped with everything their tenants might need. The services of security guards, receptionists and cleaning are included in the rental price. There is air-conditioning, business-grade Wi-Fi and a professional print station. If you need the assistance of the IT specialists, just call them and they will arrive immediately. For lunch breaks, there is a fridge with a kitchen and a coffee machine. When you want to relax, you can head to the chill-out zone and maybe even have a nap there.
  • Location. All coworking spaces can boast of a superb location in a central neighborhood. You and your guests will be able to get there from any part of the city in just a few minutes by car or public transport. The prestigious address will produce a favorable impression on your clients, partners and contractors. By the way, you can invite them to your coworking space for negotiations, presentations and other types of meetings: book a conference room in advance and enjoy full privacy there. When you organize video calls and conferences, your interlocutors will be pleased to see an elegant office design in your background.
  • Motivation. When working from home, self-employed people and remote freelancers often tend to procrastinate. They get up late, achieve less and get distracted too often. The atmosphere of a coworking space will encourage them to work harder, stick to the schedule and consistently strive for perfection.
  • Communication. You will be surrounded by like-minded people who are just as talented, hard-working and ambitious as you. This might inspire fruitful collaborations and cross-pollination of ideas. You might meet your future partners, contractors, investors or clients right in your coworking.
  • Events. Most coworking owners organize private events exclusively for their tenants. These might be lectures, workshops, seminars, movie nights, brunches, trainings and so on. It will be your chance to get to know the other tenants better, to acquire new skills and knowledge and to have fun.

ThePlace specialists will help you to find a beautiful and functional coworking space in Dubai in the shortest time and at an affordable price. Other types of office rentals are available too: private offices, event spaces and so on. Thanks to an excellent premise, you will be able to expand your client base, improve your brand awareness. boost your sales and maximize your profit.

Advantages of Renting a Coworking Space in Dubai with ThePlace

This company knows the city inside out and can offer its clients the most lucrative rental conditions. You can be sure that the owner of the premise will not ask you to move out unexpectedly because the coworking spaces were created with long-term rentals in mind. But at the same time, their tenants have a right to rent them just for a couple of months, to see how it works. If you decide to rent a larger part of the coworking space or to move to another location, you will be allowed to do so almost at once.

In a coworking recommended by ThePlace, you will be surrounded by highly professional, proactive and positive-minded people. The staff of the rented premise will be always ready to help you. Fellow tenants will inspire you to work harder and deliver steadily better results. Those people who have already found a top-notch coworking space thanks to ThePlace leave positive reviews about this company and eagerly recommend it to their friends and colleagues.

However, coworking rentals have a few drawbacks too:

  • They lack privacy. If your clients are high-fliers who prefer to avoid people’s attention, you should opt for a private office located not in the epicenter of the urban hustle and bustle.
  • You will not be allowed to fully customize your office. Most likely, you will be allowed to put a poster on the wall but not repaint this wall to your corporate colors.
  • One day, your business might grow too big for a coworking premise. In this case, you will need to move to a private office.

ThePlace will offer you a top-notch selection of private offices of diverse sizes and planning. Feel free to get in touch with the managers of this company right now to discuss your requirements and budget. Most likely, you will be able to move in the next day after signing the contract. You will not need to invest a single cent in upgrading the interior: all the furniture, electric appliances and other amenities will be waiting for you. Your new coworking space or private office will look stunning and will be highly comfortable to work in. The prices for the premises that ThePlace offers and the fees that they take are always kept at a competitive level.

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