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7 Good Reasons for You to Start a Blog

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 Have you ever actually asked yourself, “Why do I blog?” or “Why do I even have to?” These days on Internet, there are more than seventy million blogs created and many more being created, so it is fascinating to hear what reasons their creators have to do what they are doing right now.

Until recently, earning money online wasn’t easy for common folks. Around 4.5 years back, it was hard to earn something on the Net till the Web 2.0 era came around. The only method which could allow us to earn in that period was to create websites, use it for marketing, and promoting in various marketplaces.

These days, everything has been altered for the better. The blog fever amplifies itself daily, and everyone who’ve heard something about weblogs are probably already using it. So, what’s the reason behind this? Let us brainstorm on the possible reasons:

Reason 1: Glory.

The actual vanity had been, is and will always be there. Is it surprising that individuals wish to be well-known? Look at the number of amazing individuals you came to know because you have loved blogging—Seth Godin, David Pavlina, Darren Rowse. Would you be able to even get to know all of them if not for blogs?

Reason 2: Self-expression.

So many people are blogging since it gives them some sort of freedom. I produced this blog since I want to reveal some of my personal thoughts. Why not, right? There are many people who are experts in different fields, but they don’t possess any means, or at least a platform to share what they know with the rest of the world. The Internet is the greatest instrument for such individuals to make use of, and express themselves.

The Internet isn’t fully developed yet, and I don’t exclude the possibility of this to happen — that individuals will become well-known on the internet and only after before the get well known in the real world. Blogging is exactly what these people require to stand out among the rest in the market and be known for their expertise in the game.

Reason 3: Work.

For many, running a blog is a “real” job. Businesses hire individuals to write about their new products and other announcements. It’s basically as what I said in my Occupation Bloggger–that the average salary of bloggers in the US is generally within the range of $2,500-$3,000 per month.

Reason 4: Sell Products That You’ve Personally Made.

Through the Web, we can begin selling the products we made globally from the moment we start our page. Especially if the product is an electronic item like e-book or helpful software, the Web is the best marketing tool we can make use of. Blogs help people understand these products’ usefulness.

Reason 5. Sell Products That Are Made by Others.

This is also known as affiliate marketing, where you become an affiliate of another vendor, and you help the vendor to sell his products online. For ever sale you made for the vendor, you’ll be paid a commission. As you might have already known, many new marketers rely solely on weblogs to market affiliate offers. Check this business model out to learn more on how it functions behind the scene!

Reason 6. To Help Others.

Yes, indeed, yes… And why not? I discovered many weblogs of family doctors, radio engineers, or even workers from the zoo that are writing on exactly what people ought to do when they’re stuck in different circumstances.

Reason 7. Income Generation Online.

Finally, there are the selected group of people that runs a blog for the sake of raking in big cash, such as John Chow. Even for people like me who doesn’t have such intentions for running a blog in the first place have personally raked in $18,000 from my blog. For many people, a weblog is a big business. Once, I read a report that say Engadget makes a lot more than $100,000 monthly. You are probably going to agree with me: the people behind it don’t have any financial issues. 🙂

Every one of us has varying views. However, one thing that all of us agree in is that running a blog is fun. Let’s produce blogs, market them and revel in this process since it presents us large opportunities to reach out further to the world and interact with more people with similar opinions.