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7 Great New Car Gadgets You Should be Excited About

We’ve been waiting for flying cars for some decades now, but even though they seem to have been just a dream that was never meant to be there are some interesting new developments in the car industry. Over the last few years people have grown accustomed to always having a screen to tap or button to push somewhere around them, and since we spend a great deal of time in our cars it’s only natural that companies saw a growing demand for car-based gadgets and decided to offer us some incredibly interesting options.

Let’s take a look at some of the best car gadgets out there today, which may become affordable standard items sooner than you think.

Just say the words and the car will listen

Since the advent of mobile phones one of the greatest safety issues has been the fact that people like to occupy their hands with their gadgets and they don’t pay attention to the road. This is precisely why voice recognition technology has made it’s way into most modern cars, and it is now possible to simply press a button and and use verbal commands.

Cars talking to other cars

Yep, you heard that right, with a new technology called V2V your car will be able to connect to other cars on the road and exchange information. Now, this is not just a matter of checking what everyone else on the road has under the hood, but rather a feature that promises to increase safety, along with V2I that would allow cars to get precise information from things in your environment, e.g. when the light is going to turn green and the speed limit on a particular patch of road.

And this is all incredibly important when we consider the fact that cars will soon have self-driving settings and will need to be in close contact with other vehicles and the infrastructure in order to avoid accidents.

Wireless Charging

With all these new options like Wi-Fi we can expect to see the whole family bring their favorite gadget on the next ride, but this can complicate things somewhat, as charging all those devices is going to be a logistical nightmare. This is why most car companies are looking into wireless charging. But this feature will only work with smartphones that are compatible, so before you rush to get this feature when purchasing your new ride, check to see if your smartphone will support it.

More Bluetooth options

Certain technologies are becoming a necessity in every newer vehicle, and Bluetooth is definitely right at the top of the list. It’s not just a good way to connect your phone to your car and access your playlists; it can also automatically detect the user’s smartphone and enables them to stay connected all the time via the car’s app.

This way, the owners can check the car battery, preheat the cabin and start the vehicle. Companies like Volvo will also be using this enhanced connectivity to offer an interesting new option – using your smartphone to unlock your car. We can expect to see this particular feature sometime next year.

Back-Up Cameras

This might sound like a bit of exaggeration, but these cameras are probably the best thing since sliced bread, or at least since cup holders. The camera automatically activates when you put the car in reverse, so you can have an incredibly clear view of where you are going, complete with a handy distance gauge. Since most fender benders happen in parking lots, these cameras can save you a whole lot of road rage, time and money.

All the internet you need, all the time

A lot of car manufacturers are offering LTE 4G and Wi-Fi in their latest models, as long as you drop a few extra bucks for your chosen internet provider’s service, of course. However, it really is worth the investment since it’s much easier on both your wallet and your phone battery to connect to your new four-wheel hotspot than to turn on mobile data traffic on your phone.

You can have several people connect to your car network on different devices, and the whole thing kind of evokes memories of the first car phones, which were considered the apex of in-car technology once upon a time.

See through the darkness

Apart from the driver being distracted by gadgets and facing rainy and snowy roads, nighttime driving on poorly lit roads puts you at the greatest risk of bumping into someone or something. This is why an affordable night vision system for the average car is such an exciting idea. For now, this feature is limited to classy German sedans, some offering thermal vision, but we can expect to see it in more reasonably priced models in the next few years.

These were our favorite seven high-tech features that your next car simply must have. If you are not really able to purchase a car that possesses all of these features, you can always equip your current ride with some of the best gadgets of the year 2016, and make it a bit more futuristic. Technology will only continue to evolve, and who knows what we will see in the next couple of years, but we are sure that it will be pretty awesome.