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7 Romantic Things You Can Do for Your Girl on Valentine’s Day

As far as I’m concerned, there’s no such thing as cliché when it comes to Valentine’s Day. This is the one day when your attentiveness can border on compulsiveness and no one will direct any complaint your way.

However, the perfect day requires some serious planning – if you want for everything to go like you imagined it, you should start in time, go through all your options and create a magical day based on what you know about her.

Spa Treatment

Only a woman who has never been to a spa can say she isn’t really into that – there’s a lot to be into in these pieces of paradise. Hours filled with massages, relaxing baths, sensual scents and staff that’s paid to make you feel comfortable – sounds like a great gift to me.

You can either make a day out of this or start your day with this relaxing trip. Just make sure to book ahead, because spas are quite busy the week around Valentine’s Day. Even bigger surprise would be if you learn to give relaxing massages and make her feel like she’s in a spa in the comfiness of your home.

Road Trip

If you want it to be a surprise, you need to be sneaky about this and play detectives for a while – you should make sure she’s absolutely free for a couple of days, so she won’t be stressed about her job or other responsibilities.

If you feel especially romantic, my suggestion is to go the extra mile and go abroad so you can share new experiences by meeting an unfamiliar culture, enjoying exotic foods and climbing high mountains. This trip will get you closer than ever before.


Catch a Play

Alternatively, you can go to a stand up comedy show, or go to the opera. My point is that you can do something fancy you don’t have a chance to do so often. You can play dress up like two grown adults and look your finest while you watch a piece of art that’s performed in front of you. I’m sure this is a date she won’t be able to forget.

Be Creative with Your Gift

It’s easy to get her what she needs – I’m sure she mentioned what she wants during your conversations. However, Valentine’s day is an opportunity to get her something she wouldn’t purchase for herself, something she wants or a nice memento that will remind you of your special day.

The obvious thing to go for here is jewelry – something beautiful and precious, just like the way you see her. You can go for an ornament, and if she’s not that into jewelry you can surprise her with a golden rose perhaps – it will last forever and it’s a gorgeous ornament for any home.

Temporary Tattoo

This might sound a bit edgy, but if you’re an urban couple that’s into spontaneity, I’m sure she’ll be more than excited to get a temporary tattoo with you – perhaps you two decide to turn it into a permanent one in time. It’s a really fun way to express love for each other.


Private Dinner

Let’s move onto something more conventional. Being a modern-age couple implies that your days are filled with various tasks that need to be completed – this amount of responsibilities leaves a small gap for your quality time.

Preparing a homemade meal and enjoying a candlelit and romantic music, just the two of you, is a very romantic gesture. You can talk all night with no disturbances whatsoever and reconnect.

Don’t Let Anything get in the Way

I’m sure you two will be able to make up a ton of excuses not to mark this day together or reschedule it and I believe this is a mistake. Valentine’s day is there to remind you how much you love someone and help you appreciate someone’s affection. Every day should be about stuff like that, but considering the fact that we often get sidetracked, a day like this is an amazing opportunity to get back on track.

These are just a couple of suggestions that you can alternate according to the way you two like to spend time with each other. As a matter of fact, each of the seven suggestions I gave you can be one big Valentine’s day surprise if you plan it well. So, are you up for this challenge?