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7 Things That Can Make Your Backyard Really Cool and Awesome

If you have a large backyard, and you are not using it for anything, then it’s high time you tapped into that unrealized potential. There is a lot of potential for good investments here, since you can build something that is fun or beautiful, and it will help your property value, in case you ever need to sell the house and move out.

Here we will go over some amazing items or garden accessories you can either purchase or create yourself, in order to do something useful with your back yard. These are 7 things that can make your backyard look really cool.



Well, ponds might not be fun, but they will surely make your garden look better, and they can give it that paradise vibe that will help you relax. If you want to have a peaceful backyard, with a hammock to chill out, read or take a nap, then you will definitely need a pond in order to complete this picture. Just make sure you clean it and to cover it during the night, if you are keeping any fish in it. There are numerous nocturnal predators, so try to protect your garden accessories.


If a pond is too much trouble in terms of maintenance, then simply pick a fountain as an alternative. You can buy a smaller fountain, since it’s cheaper and it will serve as a good replacement for a pond, or you can go with a big flashy one, in case you want to throw epic parties in your backyard, since it will really contribute to the whole atmosphere.

Tree house or Bird House


If you have kids and a large tree in your backyard, then it would be a shame not to make the most out of the whole situation. You can have some quality family time, and a good DIY project that will make everyone happy. You and your kids can build this together and have a place where you will be able to create some fun memories. You can also add a small swing or a tire swing, just as a finishing touch, and you are good to go.

If you do not have a large three or conditions for a tree house, you can have another family project, like building a birdhouse for example. It will look really nice in your backyard and you can get some interesting pet birds as its tenants.  


Of course, you don’t have to build a real swimming pool, since it would cost a fortune, you can also turn this to DIY project that will come in handy during hot summer days. It’s really easy to do as well; all you need are some hay stacks and tarpaulin. Place hay stacks in a square formation and then pull the tarpaulin over them. Then use a rope to make sure tarpaulin doesn’t slip from the hay stacks and use some additional haystack to provide additional security. All that remains is to fill it with water. Here is an image of the finished product. As you can see it’s quite easy to pull off, so you should definitely give it a go.   



Another super fun accessory is a trampoline. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to build it, you can simply cash it out, and get a perfectly good and safe trampoline for your backyard. This will be awesome for kids, since they can play and learn some new skills, like backflips. Of course, it is important that you do not allow two or more children to jump at the same time, since it could be dangerous, so make sure you take turns.

Mini Football pitch

If you are into sports and want to get your kids enthusiastic about football, then you can create a mini football pitch. All you need to do is build a rectangular wooden fence around a certain portion of your backyard, and buy some small goals. All you need to do is inform the neighborhood about your latest accessory and you can have football tournaments. Since, the pitch is limited by the wooden fence, there are no outs or corner shots, so all you need is some white paint to mark the center of the pitch.   

Beer Pong Table

Finally, you can create another party accessory for grown-ups, or to be more accurate, young adults. Basically you buy a ping pong table, or craft one yourself. Get some ping pong balls, plastic cups, and alcohol. If you know the rules for beer pong, you know the rest.

I hope you like these ideas there is a bit of something for everyone. Surely one of these items will inspire you to do something creative with your backyard, so get to work.