7 Ways to Be Like Nate Diaz (Number 2 is Our Favorite)

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Nate Diaz is a MMA fighter that has 19 wins.

He competes in UFC and recently had some pretty significant media come his way.

He was accused of smoking marijuana on live television. It was actually a CBD vapor pen. Check out the coverage clips below.

  1. Be Born in Stockton, California.Nate Diaz 1
  2. Use CBD Oil on live TV from Purecbdvapors.com
  3. Go through Ultimate Fighter the Television show.Nate Diaz 3
  4. Compete in World Extreme Cage Fighting, Strikeforce, and Pancrese. Then the UFC.
  5. Be a Master at Mixed Martial Arts.
  6. Hold a title in the UFC.
  7. Have a brother that is a UFC Champion as well.
    Want to watch the full coverage?

Here is the video and audio.

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