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7 Ways To Convert Likes On An Instagram Page Into Sales

Instagram is known by many as a leading social network. However, many people don’t realize that it is also a goldmine for potential sales but it does take some effort. Converting monthly likes to your instagram page into customers requires marketing-savvy strategies for attracting potential customers and engaging current followers.

Here Are 7 Effective Ways to Make This Happen.

1. Making Sure That Posts Are Shoppable

What this means is that you should provide a convenient path your likes and followers can use to buy products posted on your Instagram page. A shoppable Instagram tool helps you direct users to your online shop where they can make purchases. If you depend on clickable media, Instagram is hardly the ideal ecommerce platform. However, if you know how to tweak the app to your advantage while providing an attractive presentation of your product offering, it is possible to turn likes into sales.

2. Creating Captivating Content

Instagram is a visual-centric platform meaning that users love striking images with clear messages, vivid colors, and flattering filters. While other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are excellent for promoting products, the visual-centric nature of Instagram brings a wealth of opportunities for promoting a brand. Besides developing likeable posts, posting clear and concise captions can easily lead to a winning Instagram marketing campaign that turns likes to customers. Never forget that regardless of the content you post, it should offer value and should be engaging.

3. Strong Call to Action

Instagram does not have the most mobile-friendly Calls to Action but you must never allow this to prevent you from directing likes and followers to the sales page. Whether it is incorporating a shoppable Instagram feature on your page or telling your likes and followers to click on the link on your bio, offering specific instructions on how to know more or buy your product or service can be the difference between getting ignored and making a sale.

4. Giving Away Coupons or Discount Codes

You should encourage your likes and followers to share content using incentives such as coupons and discount codes. You can easily do this by running exciting contests with cool prizes, an interesting concept, as well as a voting or sharing element to encourage participant to share your content with other Instagram users. You can even engage your followers by making the most of user-generated content through photo contests that will result in free promotion for your business.

5. Posting Frequently and Making The Most Of All The Tools Available

Post snappy and quirky videos and photos with stylish filters. Compose a relatable and catchy caption to engage your core audience and encourage participation. It is also important to use hashtags wisely, creatively, and sparingly. All serious Instagrammers understand that hashtags have the power to pave the way for other users to find your content and hopefully buy what you have on offer.

6. Showcasing Your Culture

Give your current and potential followers an inside look into your business, your company culture, and your employees. You can use the Stories feature to do this easily. Doing this goes a long way towards making your brand more relatable and human, which helps to strengthen loyalty among your audience. It is also great since it gives followers something to comment about and helps to spark conversations about your business.

7. Networking and Engaging

It is important to follow the right accounts i.e. other agencies, creatives, agency professionals, trusted publishers in your industry, as well as businesses that are of importance and interest to your potential clients. You should then pay close attention to their followers and engage with them to. Turn on post notifications for those important profiles and quickly engage while users are still using the app. This will result in more followers and engagement. It is also a good idea to collaborate with other accounts with similar or complementary audiences.

Final Thoughts

Instagram might be considered by many as just a social media network but it can be a powerful marketing tool. This article has explored ways you can convert your Instagram likes into buying customers. With a well-defined strategy, visual flair, and creativity, the 7 tips discussed here can help shape your Instagram page as a powerful sales generation tool.

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