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8 Tips to Create a High Converting Landing Page

Having a killer product or service isn’t enough. You’ve also got to entice people to understand the value you’re offering to receive the conversions you want. Understanding how to create a high converting landing page should help you complete this task effectively.

Importance of Creating a Good Landing Page

A landing page’s main goal is to get your visitors to take action, whether that includes buying your product or signing up for your newsletter. It should have one main focus and be kept simple to ensure you don’t confuse your visitors. Each person should have a positive experience if you want to receive high conversions.

What Are the Benefits?

Knowing how to create a high converting landing page can be beneficial. It allows you to promote a product, service or sale. It also makes the subscribing or buying process more efficient and helps get you a better SEO ranking if you’re using it with Google AdWords.

Making the process more efficient acts as a portal to guide visitors through an efficient funnel. This way, they don’t have to find your call to action on your homepage or other content.

Components of a Successful Landing Page

According to Kajabi, “The great thing about high-converting landing pages is that they remove all distractions from your viewers’ line of sight.” There are no set standards for understanding how to create a high converting landing page. However, including the following components should help increase the odds of receiving higher conversions.

  1. Include a main headline to grab attention: Create a short description, preferably ten words or less, to inform your visitors about your offer. This headline should match what was clicked. You may also want to add a supporting sub header to offer extra information.
  2. Video or images: Visually representing your offer should make it easier for visitors to understand what they’re getting. Showing context and placing your visitors in a specific scenario can help them know how they can utilize your offer. You might include an image of your product or a person exhibiting positive emotions.
  3. Unique selling proposition: Providing the reasons why your visitors should care about your offer and setting clear expectations for them helps set your offer apart.
  4. 4.: Benefits: Provide a list of benefits directly after your unique selling proposition to give a more detailed description. Doing so can help answer questions, especially concerning how your product or service can assist them.
  5. Social proof: Adding customer testimonials or showing awards can be persuasive. It illustrates how people have felt after using your offer or how good your service or product works
  6. Reinforcement statement: Adding another page title halfway down the landing page helps reinforce the main headline.
  7. Closing argument: Near the end of your landing page, you have a final chance to communicate your offer’s benefits. Your closing argument should include a specific call to action.
  8. Call to action: Include a clear call to action. You may want to use a button with just a few words to keep it simple and effective.

Knowing how to create a high converting landing page is essential. Try changing signal elements one at a time to see if you can boost conversions.

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