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8 Tips to Utilize a Blog to Gather Content for Your Book

When you are growing a blog you should look at other blogs and how they are growing their business. 

Full spectrum led grow lights are really growing fast. They are growing because of their amazon books and blogging. Emulate their success through you site by following these few ways to interact with your audience:

Tip 1. Participate in web discussion.

Read and also comment on some other blogs within your field. It is a prime approach to build your blog’s follower base. It is also a great method for getting refreshing content both for your blog and subsequently, for your book.

To check out some other blogs within your niche, you can use Yahoo, Technorati, Google, and numerous of other blog search engines.

This can be a good way to acquire ideas. Exactly what are other people within your field currently talking about? What are the significant challenges that are faced by the individuals in your market? If you have rivals or friends blogging in similar niches, check them out. They could be a great help and spark stunning ideas, diverse slants and points of views in you. The old track, “Anything you can do, I will do better,” comes up.

Tip 2. Request readers to leave a comment on your blog.

In fact, any time you post something—be it a text or a simple image, ask them to do so. Make it clear how to submit their opinions because your viewers will probably need to be educated or otherwise encouraged to share their thoughts. Post something like “Click on the comment link below to share your thoughts and replies.”

At times, readers will need assurances regarding their privacy. In such cases, you can simply email the individual and correspond with them so their queries or feedbacks remain private. Most of your blog viewers would not be worried about the level of privacy because all things considered, a blog isn’t even intended to be private in the first place! Nonetheless, some readers may feel shy to express their comments and would require your encouragement.

It’s also possible to encourage them to reply by letting them know that you would like to utilize their response in the book that you’re writing, but you won’t be doing so unless they give you their permission.

Tip 3. Survey your future prospects, do a mini-study on their preferences, their particular experiences, and so forth.

The Internet is perhaps the fastest tool today for acquiring data about your readers’ tastes. Far from a scientifically authenticated study that might pass educational institutions and academicians, a friendly survey can present you with ideas and also material to publish in your book. It may also confirm that you are keen in addressing the worries of your readers, therefore improving the engagement you have with your readers.

Tip 4. Run a contest for the best thought, funniest expertise, and most powerful or eye-catching scenarios.

If you want to start using your readers’ responses as content of your book, you ought to tell them. Many individuals jump on the chance to be featured in a book. Others may possibly prefer to get involved anonymously. You can let them have both alternatives.

Here’s an example of how one article writer asked his/her readers for their particular input:

“Do you know of a broken windows story?

Erika Levine’s new e-book, ‘Broken House Windows, Broken Company’ is being released within this month. Many people predict that it is going to be a huge bestseller.

We have a website where you can share your concerns about broken house windows and your experiences. Come over at”

People love to share their past experiences, and they would certainly be willing to rant on them for you. You merely have to ask.

Tip 5. Ask prospects to attend a webinar based on the wants, challenges, principles and ideas of your blog readers.

This is a great strategy to use to better understand the problems and also solutions you’d like to create an ebook about. It is possible to record your particular sessions, write out the discussion, and then convert the particular teleseminar into audio and also PDF data files. You can then sell or perhaps give away your output as marketing materials or bonuses for your published book.

Tip 6. Use your blog stats to examine which are the most popular posts.

Use them to find out what captures the particular interests of your target readers and customers the most.

Tip 7. Consistently get in touch with your real passion, and stir up and motivate others to stick with the same interests.

If you’ve been blogging for quite some time already, then you have probably already produced good blogging and site-building habits:

  1. Write and post something on your website daily, or perhaps 2-3 times weekly.
  2. Examine other sites 2-3 times weekly. Be sure to utilize the My Yahoo or other RSS aggregators to sign up to blogs you love, or perhaps sign up to acquire email announcements through the FeedBlitz services offered on those blogs.
  3. Write with your readers at heart. And if you’re uncertain where their particular interests rest, ask them. When they’ve found your website and have participated in discussions, then you know that you have something in common.
  4. If you happen to fall into writer’s block, get in touch with your central purpose for your blog (remember the goals you had in mind before starting your website). When this happens, you will find that there is certainly a reason behind it, though it is probably not clear to you at the time it occurs. This will pass, however, and it is absolutely possible to help it along by communicating with your readers, allies, and even yourself.

Tip 8. Podcasting.

Generate audio files very easily by starting teleclasses and saving conversations in audio file formats. Some individuals like to manage information by getting their equivalent audio files, downloading them as mp3 data, and playing them on their mp3s.

Use a free of charge teleconferencing bridge series like to host a web conference. Record the call, polish the audio file, and then post them on your blog or perhaps as a podcast using services like

As an additional benefit, you can get these calls transcribed. Next, you can convert your transcribed call into a PDF file that you can either share or offer in exchange for people’s email addresses and other contact information; you may consider using as it is a fast, cost-effective transcription service.