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A Bride’s Ultimate Guide: Important To Do’s towards “I Do”

Let’s face it, every bride’s dream comes true on her wedding day. But even before the surreal wedding experience comes a series of tiresome and sometimes patience draining ordeal. From searching for a church or ceremony venue, reception, catering, lights and sounds, save the dates, invitations, decoration, souvenirs, cake, wine, seating arrangement and the list goes on. Among the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations, the real key is just organization and guidance. And that’s what this article is for. To help you narrow down and organize your most important list of to do’s towards “I do”.

  • amazing-wedding-ceremony-venue-and-vintage-style-setup-fullPick your ceremonial venue – now your ceremonial venue would put that defining mark to your wedding. It is the formality that ties you and your husband to be together. It all starts here. So whether you’ve decided to do a church wedding, a beach wedding, a destination wedding or anything else. The important thing is that, you pick a location that would highlight the serenity of the occasion. Once you’ve made a definite decision, reserve the place for your specific date.
  • Reception venue – ceremony done! Yoohoo! Now, the party begins! Ideally, your reception should be in proximity to your ceremonial venue. This will help you make a clear map of the location, save you and your guests travel time and get the party started sooner.
  • Save the date – social media has definitely made 55571b70e06635dd4fcc2ad4ce24ff1ait easier to make a call out for your “save the date” all you need to do is create an event on Facebook, invite your friends to the event and you would see an approximate number of responses almost instantly. This is not a sure shot though, not too reliable when it comes to head count.
  • Invitations – since it’s easy to go crazy on Facebook by just adding all the friends you can think of to invite, there’s still nothing that could beat traditional invitations. There are plenty of wedding suppliers online or with physical stores that can do this for you. But if you have time, you can definitely craft your own to add a more personalized touch. There are plenty of cool ideas for DIY wedding invitations online that you can refer to should you decide to do your own.
  • Wedding dresses – there is nothing more exciting than fitting for a wedding gown with your lovely girls on your side fitting their bridesmaid dresses. No one else could tell you what to pick for a gown as this is for your day and only you can say whether you find a gown flattering or not. My only tip is to find a reliable store or seamstress to source your wedding gown and entourage dresses from. Never settle for those you can buy off the rack with no guarantees, if you can manage to have it done based on your specifications for almost the same price.
  • 747455db8beec31de04021b89c56631bCake – they say the wedding cake symbolizes the sweet surprises to come in a marriage. So picking the right cake may give you a taste of what you wish for your married life. You may find plenty of cakes available online that offers cheap but what they claim to be “tasty” treats. Not undermining these claims, but my suggestion is for you to enter a bakeshop or patisserie, sit down with the owner and do some cake tasting instead.
  • Flowers – indeed, flowers give your day a whole lot of meaning. It sets the mood for you and your guests starting from your floral arrangements along the aisle to your bouquet. Picking the best complementing flowers could be a tad tricky with ultimately so much to choose from. But flowers that are always in season is the best way to go so you are assured that you have the freshest, most beautiful flowers on your wedding day.
  • Rings – now the rings symbolize an eternity of partnership, as the roundness of it show how love continues to go on and on. Finding the perfect wedding ring is almost always a challenge for couples. This is something you will need to work out with your partner, and I mean really give some thought into. As like one another, the rings you choose will also be with you for all eternity. There are plenty of jewelers who can custom make rings for you, that’s maybe a good way to go should you find it troublesome to choose from hundreds of ready-made wedding rings.
  • Catering – you are lucky if the venue you have chosen has a catering package (granting that you know their food is great too!). But should you need to look for a reliable catering service, the best referrals would normally come from people you know. Ask your family or friends for caterers that they’ve used in the past that gave them a value for their money through wonderful service and of course, food.
  • Lights and Sounds – some venues have this available too and you might be good to go with that. But in case it isn’t, or if you simply just want to give some extra flair to the after party, then source the best lights and sounds package for your wedding. Never settle for second best on this one as a lot of the good things happen with perfect lighting and “boombastic” sounds in almost about every wedding there is. Plus, good lighting equals good photographs too! So smile and dance away! christine-scott-tenafly-1

Regardless of what cake, flower, rings or anything else you choose, always remember that the most important thing on your wedding day is the one thing that cannot be bought. And that is the love that you and your partner share from that day on ‘till the rest of your life. So lighten up and don’t let the stress of wedding preparations ruin your “I Do” experience.

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