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A Call at Toll Free Number To Simplify Communication Hassles

It’s Monday morning, time to submit weekly project report with your company’s most important client. After 30 minutes of juggling around with conference phone, disconnected mobile devices and making an effort to connect with the client – you finally lose the project. business-communications

Given, the abundant choices available to digitally savvy professionals, customers can switch to your competitors’ services anytime giving little regard to brand loyalty. Attrition and churn have reached all time high due to inefficient communication set up in place.

To build seamless connectivity among resources companies require robust communication technologies to streamline business functioning and resolve communication hassles. Toll-free numbers give businesses flexibility to detangle organizational glitches easily and cost-effectively. A smart call management system can be established with toll-free number service that helps to streamline communication among business clients, partners, and customers.

Simplify Inbound Calling

An important study reveals that customers’ expectations are at an all time and it has become much difficult than before to please customers. Customers expect faster access to services and demand 24/7 connectivity. This has increased pressure on corporate executives to develop innovative ways for enabling effective and satisfying customer service. One way to bring satisfying customer service experience is to lower down the call abandonment rate by administering smart call routing functionalities:

1. Smart IVR Service

Each call can be prioritized based on agent availability and allows customers to serve themselves easily. Customers can easily resolve their queries using IVR technology that uses touch-tone or speech-recognition programs. There are various IVR solutions available for small businesses that simplify customer call handling and monitoring.

2. Call Transferring

Single number reachability can be configured at toll-free number to ensure every customer concern gets the right answer and saves sales department from zero-outs. With smart call transferring rules in place, businesses can build a good call queue management system and manage it all from a single dashboard.

3. Music On Hold

Building a corporate professional image can be a daunting task for businesses. Using music-on-hold feature helps businesses to build customer loyalty and set a campaign-theme for promoting the specific campaign or use brand’s tone to keep the callers engaged and improve customer retention rate.

Smart Outbound Calling Functionalities

Testing products and services in unknown markets can be a daunting task for businesses. With smart outbound calling capabilities intelligent call making platform can be developed to test the unknown markets, reduce average call handling times and schedule a call back in case of agent non-availability. There are various ways using which outbound calling capabilities can be built to refine employee productivity. Some of them are listed below:

1.Outbound Call Processing System

Setting up an intelligent call mechanism becomes easy by using full featured predictive dialer. Using automated call distribution capabilities of predictive dialer helps to test the products and services in unknown markets easily and track the success rate of marketing campaigns.

2.Call Back Scheduling

In case you failed to receive an important call then call backs can be scheduled using hosted dialers. There are many automated scheduling tools available to schedule call backs and saves business time.

3.Robo-Calling or Call Firing

Many companies offer automated robocalling system to send pre-recorded message to required customers’ list. Simply record a message, upload opt-in lists and automated robo-call system does the rest. This increases the business revenue, reduces the overall time invested for managing existing customers lists and simplifies the process of announcing new products and services.


Worry-free business communication solutions can improve the overall business productivity leading to better revenue making the opportunity. Effective communication solutions have a direct impact on customer service experience that helps to build customer loyalty and improve customer retention rate.

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