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A Global Importer Of Record Is A Data Center’s Best Friend


Internationally, the need for data centers is steady,but current infrastructure and modelling needs to be continually upgradedto keep up with cloud computing trends, next generation apps,SaaS products, and increasingdemand. Large corporations and small businesses alike are finding outsourcing to cloud-based data centers is key to keeping focus on their primary operations, rather than investing in large IT departments and resources. It is pivotalfor those working in the data center and cloud computing spheres to partner with an Importer of Record (IOR)that can efficiently facilitate internationalsupply chainlogistics andthat can provide easy cross-border transactions.

Technology innovation moves lightning fast and data center modernization shouldn’t be scrambling to keep up. Most companies are small businesses and many of them exist online in some capacity – some completely – and the majority have data storage and cloud computing needs. New centers, servers, and upgrades to current equipmentis a necessity, and this is encouraging, yet it can also be daunting. Keeping customers happy while acquiring new ones will mean not only meeting their demands but anticipating them, too.The nature of data centers is that they need to be working, no matter what. With modern centers now servicing multiple companies via the cloudinstead of a single, on-site enterprise, several relationships are potentially in jeopardy if service is disrupted at one center. Security, environmental controls, and adequate redundancy measures also require consistent maintenance and upgrades to keep centers humming.

Experiencing delays due to something as frustratingly simple as shipments of equipment getting stuck at the border is a nightmare, and clientswill quickly move onto a competitor who never has interruptions in service.It may be cheaper to procure IT equipment from international partners, but if proper customs compliance isn’t met, and big importing delays involvingtangles of red tape occur, the savings will hardly matter. It’s important to speak with an Importer of Record abouthow to benefit from their experience and global reach. An IOR will assume therisks and complete the documents associated with importing technology like filling out proper permits, licenses, accounting documentation, and paying import taxes. TecEx is an expert IOR with a presence in over 160 countries and they double as tax recovery specialists to fetch a refund for indirect taxes incurred. They specialize in shipping IT equipment, offering door-to-door services, and collaborate with major technology players. In addition to fast customs clearance, they have relationships with several major couriers, and they will arrange brokerageand local delivery in any destination.

Cloud computing is changing the nature of data centers, but they will not be dying out – rather,evolving. Data center infrastructure must improve from the traditional, singular enterprise-owned and -located model to become hyperscale cloud data centers. Those already working in the cloud computing arena are facing many new opportunities to expand to facilitate large and small business needs, as well as government and state data management demands. An Importer of Record who can streamline the international supply chain and help businesses meet widespread client needs is essential.