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A Guide To The Most Common Household Plumbing Problems

We talked to these licensed plumbers in Arlington Tx to get the scoop.One of the most frustrating, yet inevitable, household problems that any individual will experience is a plumbing-related problem. The issue may involve a dripping faucet, broken fridge, damaged toilet, or decreased water pressure in the shower; whatever the problem, it is always recommended that one call a professional to fix the difficulty. This article will point out the most common household plumbing problems any professional plumbing technician may encounter.

1. Clogged Drains

Potentially the most common household plumbing problem experienced is the clogged drain. This most often seen in kitchen sinks and shower drains, and it is typically caused by items including hair, grease, or food debris. While it is possible to clear clogged drains independently using plunges and drain cleaner chemicals purchased at hardware stores; this is not always effective, particularly in severely clogged pipes. It is recommended that one attempt DIY resolutions before contacting a professional plumber as it may not be necessary to involve a professional. If these items do not fix the problem, a plumber should be contacted.

2. A Broken Toilet

Plumbing-related household problems involving a broken toilet can take form in two ways: problems with the toilet flushing and the toilet emitting an unpleasant odor.

As time progresses, one will often notice that a toilet’s flushing capability will progress from quick and efficient to slow and struggling. The truth of the matter is that the pieces of equipment inside the toilet tank become older and deteriorate with age; thus, breaking down and not being able to perform the flushing function effectively. The positive news is that a toilet repair kit can be purchased at hardware stores making repair of the toilet tank simple and easy. If, however, the DIY repair of toilet tanks makes you uncomfortable, it is recommended you contact a plumber in the Hurst, Euless, and Bedford area.

When a smell is emitted from the toilet, it is not necessarily due to the last user not flushing the toilet but could be due to incorrect installation or a deteriorated wax ring. While one can repair a toilet tank independently, the installation of a toilet or wax ring requires specialized knowledge and training. In this situation, it is recommended that you contact a plumber as they will need to remove the toilet and replace the wax ring to remedy the issue.

3. Decreased Water Pressure

Decreased water pressure is most often seen as a problem for people when showering. This issue is typically caused by the build-up of calcium and mineral deposits in faucets and shower heads. A DIY resolution for decreased water pressure can be the replacing or thorough cleaning of the shower head or faucet; however, if this does not resolve the issue it is recommended that one contact a plumbing technician.

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