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A Look at What Whale Watching is All About

Whale watching refers to a rather unique activity of watching the behemoth mammals in their natural habitat. For those who don’t know much about it, let us mention that if done the right way, it may well turn out to be a lifetime experience. This is the reason those whale-watching trips and vacations are getting increasingly popular nowadays.

Things you need to know

However, in order to make the most out of your whale watching experience, you need to have a few things, patience and planning being the most important ones.

The reason you need to plan well is because there are a certain whale spots where you would usually see whales frequently. Furthermore, the larger ones usually don’t live near to each other, but rather in separate feeding grounds. Hence, in order to spot the most of them, you need to be aware of the different spots they are expected to be seen at.

Secondly, the reason patience is just as important is because there is quite a bit of uncertainty. Even if you are going whale watching in the best season, there’s still a chance that you may end up failing to spot even a single whale. This is because they can be really tricky to find.

However, nowadays, quite a few commercial whale watching services manage to achieve a surprisingly high success rate. Some of them even go on to offer a guarantee that if you don’t see even a single whale, you will be offered a free trip after a few days.

How exciting a whale watching experience is?

Well, honestly speaking, the level of excitement a whale watching experience offers seems to be far from something that can be described in words. However, there are a few things we would surely like to point out in order to give you a fair idea.

As far as the numbers are concerned, whale watching trips have been growing in popularity at an exponential rate since the 1950s. As of now, well over 13 million people join organized whale watching trips every year.

Coming to individual experiences, many people who join such a trip say that their life will never be the same again, and they will never forget their first whale (the first whale they saw during their trip). Quite a large number of people become “whale addicts”, and keep going on whale watching trips at regular intervals.

While going through a post written by someone who had joined such a trip in the past, we realized that whale watching can truly be one of the most unique, not to mention one of the most memorable experiences of one’s life. They mention that they now simply feel like they have to “survive” regular life till they get to go on another whale watching trip.

When you are on such a trip, you surely won’t feel satisfied regardless of how many times you get to go whale watching. In fact, you would probably feel like going on a trip the first thing in the morning after getting ready, then maybe another one by lunchtime, then by teatime, and so on.

A final word

You might have had many vacations in your life, maybe some quite exciting and memorable ones as well. However, a whale watching one is sure to give a run to all of them for their money, as it seems to be second to none as far being exciting is concerned.