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A Search For The Best Casino In Thailand

Are you looking for the best casino in Thailand? You may have heard that Thailand does not have any legal land-based casinos and if that’s what you’ve heard, it’s correct. Occasionally there are some illegal casinos that pop up but they only last until the police come in and raid them and shut them down. You can of course use the best online casino for Thais if you want to enjoy from home. Legal gambling consists of betting on horse races and with the national lottery.

What Do Casinos And Funerals Have In Common?

If you are not familiar with Thai culture and how it ties into gambling, it will sound very strange to learn that casino games are very popular and played all over Thailand at almost every funeral that takes place. There are also the underground casinos that are located in homes and even apartments and sometimes in office space rentals. According to some studies that have been done, it’s estimated that almost 75% of all adults in Thailand regularly go to these casinos to gamble.

If It’s Illegal Can You Get In Trouble?

There’s no question that it is risky business because according to the law you can be charged a fine of 1,000 Baht and you could be sentenced to as long as a year in prison. In addition to those penalties, any money being used for gambling can be seized by the police. Despite these heavy potential penalties, there is very little being done to stop this type of gambling. It’s part of the culture.

If you are a visitor to Thailand would you want to go to one of these casinos? That’s a really good question and one that only you can answer. The idea of being put into a Thai prison for a year is something that everyone should seriously consider. But as a culture, there is no question that this type of gambling and these underground casinos are everywhere and the majority of adult Thai people are going to these casinos and gambling.

When searching for the best casino in Thailand there are only two choices. The first choice is to find out where one of these underground casinos are which are typically at funerals and in houses and apartments. The second option is to consider crossing the border into Cambodia and going to the casinos there. You will find that there are several border crossings that can be selected and every one of them includes options for going to legal gambling establishments.

Bangkok to Aranyaprathet District

It will take you about 3 hours drive to get to one of the most popular destinations that the Thai like to go to. But those who are Thai Nationals won’t even have to get their passport stamped to go into Cambodia to play at the Poipet casinos. This allows Thai people to simply walk through the special line for them without any stamp and to return the same way.

The area has an entire strip of casinos and one of the best is Crown. They have been operating for almost 20 years. Since casinos are illegal in Thailand, some say Crown is the best casino in Thailand because it is just across the border where it is legal.

Surin To Chong Jom

If you’re in Surin you can easily catch one of the crossings to Chong Jom. This is among the favorite places to go gamble by Thai nationals that live in this area. It’s very common that there won’t be anyone using this crossing that is just wanting to tour the area because almost everyone is there for the gambling. The only thing that’s there are hotels with casinos inside the hotels.