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Best Car Speakers For Bass

Bass-ing Sound Quality Of Your Car

Good company and breathtaking views are two very important reasons a person enjoys a long drive. But there is a third,an important reason – Music. There is nothing quite like music to elevate the spirits. And, music is a steady and comforting companion, no matter whatever be the length of a drive.

If you are one who likes to belt a tune while cruising down a road, then a good speaker system for your car stereo is given.

When judging speaker quality, two things to look at are the sound quality and the bass. If you want the best bass, then you need to look at the speaker power, powerful speakers equal best bass.

What you Need to Know When Looking For The Best Car Speakers For Bass

You also need speakers with good frequency response because the more sensitive the speakers are at picking up sound frequency the louder they can play (without jarring).A perfect bass picks up the low, slow vibrations in sound and delivers it seamlessly through your car speakers without distortion

There are several speakers in the market that provide good bass, but before you make a choice, here are a few buying tips to get the best bass in your car speakers:

Best Car Speakers For Bass

Change the speakers

This one sounds obvious, doesn’t it?The point here, though, is that no matter how hi-tech your car is, the speakers installed by the car manufacturers may not have the amplifier or the top quality speakers that can deliver premium sound quality.

So, one of the first things to do is to look for independent car systems, with powerful speakers and good frequency response to get that tight bass and clear sounds.

Peel and Seal

Peel and seal materials, like Dynamat are another inexpensive way of getting the best bass out of your speakers. This will reduce the impact of car vibrations and eliminate road noises, which, in turn, will improve the sound quality of your speaker system.

Amplifiers do help

Yes, your car stereo packs plenty of power, but there is a huge difference between 100 watts power from your stereo and 100 watts power from the amplifier. An amplifier for a car may sound extravagant, but if you want that superior sound quality from your car speakers then an amplifieris a ‘sound’ investment.

So do equalizers

Best Car Speakers For Bass

Sure, you are rolling your eyes now at the added ‘fancy’ equipment. You don’t have to necessarily buy an equalizer. The amplifier should be enough, but the equalizer will even out sound quality so that you don’t feel the jarring from poor frequency, or you aren’t straining to pick up the melody of low frequency sound.

Get even tones

You can sing at the top of your voice and you can turn the volume up high, but at its highest, speaker systems in cars just produce distorted sounds, not to mention the fact that if you play low frequency sounds at max volumes, you are straining your stereo system.

Instead of simply going high volume, the right way to produce best sounds is by giving a small boost to bass, adjusting the highs and mids to a lower frequency and only then turning up the volume. This will prevent the sound from becoming a noise.

Loud, high frequency sounds can be delivered with ease on regular car speakers, but, for good quality low frequency sounds, a perfect bass is essential.

That’s what will transform your average pleasant drive to a mind blowing one. When choosing speakers for your car focus on the bass quality and you will definitely get your money’s worth. Long drives will become just that much more memorable.

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