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Best Electric Skateboard

You might be wondering what an electric skateboard is and where to find the best electric skateboard. Well first off the electric skateboard has been around for a while but is picking up pace as the latest trend for kids toys and riding equipment. Plenty of adults also love the larger versions of these boards as they can be a ton of fun and a cool way to get around if you live in the city. An electric skateboard differs from a typical skateboard by having a motorized element that makes using a skateboard a whole heck of a lot easier for a new rider and gives a real kick to an experienced rider. The type of motor can vary but usually these have a durable drive belt and a long lasting battery. Many of these boards keep their charge for 10 to 30 miles of use depending on the board.

One of the best reviewed brands for 2017 is Altered. Boards from Altered are top quality electric skate boards at a perfect price point for those looking for a great beginner’s board of this kind. Their bestselling board is mainly for kids starting around age 8 and up to 120 pounds. They make for the perfect Birthday gift. Guaranteed to impress and make your kid or grandkid the coolest kid in the neighborhood. Imagine the fun they can have cruising around the park or playground with a top notch electric skateboard. These boards will get your child outside and moving. Even though it is motorized it still takes muscle control and builds skills during use. The electric skate boards from Altered are also highly recommended for durability. Giving your child something that will last for years. Altered also has a pro option that offers a faster speed for older riders. These boards can go from 0 to 19 miles per hour in 4 seconds. So make sure you also get a helmet to go along with your electric skateboard.

If you are an adult looking for a board there are other great options a varied price points to fit any budget. Perfect to make that short commute to the office the most fun you have ever had. These electric boards are easy to charge and use. Depending on the board and what you are looking for they can get up to 25 miles an hour. The newest electric boards on the market keep getting better. Some even have connection through an android or iPhone app so you can keep up with your battery life and more while on the go. They come in a variety of styles depending on if you want speed or if you want to cruise around smoothly with a long board style. The companies who are behind these electric skateboards keep getting more innovative. Providing their customers with the thrills and excitement the are looking for. Get on board with this trend now which is only getting bigger and better as new technology keeps moving them ahead.