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Best Stubble Trimmer – Your Guide To Choosing The Best Trimmer

Best Stubble Trimmer – Your Guide To Choosing The Best Trimmer

The latest trend hails for men who don’t want to have a full beard, but a designer styled stubble as a permanent look. A simple razor won’t come handy to help you achieve the stubble look.

This is where a stubble trimmer comes into roleplay – you’ll just have to run it across your beard line to be able to select the length of your stubble. And of course, which woman doesn’t like a man who is posing a stubble look!

Let us look at the 5 best stubble trimmer that people have been raving about. Hopefully, this guide will help you choose the best trimmer for your needs!


Remington Mb 320 C Beard Trimmer ‘Barba’

To start with, the first best of reviews come in for the Remington stubble trimmer. Facilitating 9 various settings for choosing different lengths, this trimmer is the most versatile and a daily go to device for that perfect look. The blades are coated with ceramic and are infused with silica to make them hard and enduring for heavy duty usage.

And the best part comes here; you will also get a cleaning brush which is super effective and will not leave even a single piece of hair behind on your trimmer. While the other safety razors that claim to be best are cordless, you’ll be able to plug in the Remington if it runs out of charge.

Babyliss Men’s BPS1 i-Stubble

Babyliss sports a floating contouring head, allowing it to easily move it across your face and to trim your stubble effortlessly! Also, it features an easy-to-handle LED screen which you can use to keep a tab on 24 different length settings of this model. Babyliss is completely worth and versatile. If you own one of these, you’ll be the happiest, say the customers who have given their best stubble trimmer reviews online.

Wahl Pro Lithium Cordless Hair Clipper 8546

With just one hour of juicing up, Wahl trimmers will give you a standby time of 2 whole hours and are one of the best stubble trimmers to invest on. This model from Wahl’s offers an affordable pricing and is versatile than the regular electric razors.

Philips Qt4015/23 Men’s Rechargeable 20 Lengths Beard Stubble Trimmer

While Remington boasts of 9 different stubble length settings, the Philips Rechargeable one has an extravagant variety of 20 settings ranging from 0.5 mm and above. So, if you want to change your style from stubble to a full grown beard, you don’t need another separate device for that – your Philips Qt will do it.

A special feature of this device is that it takes very less time to be juiced up with energy. A travel-friendly trimmer that has a skin-friendly wheel feature, so if you want to be trimming a part of your stubble into a different length, the wheel will prevent you from cutting the other parts of the stubble.

Philips Norelco QT4070/41 Stubble Trimmer 7300

Another master model from Philips, this trimmer is the most expensive on the list but offers everything that the other trimmers have to offer, all at once.

Also, it has a vacuum feature where both the cleaner and trimmer are inbuilt. When you run the trimmer across your face, it sucks up the extra bits of hair which eliminate the need for you to use the cleaner!

The Inference

Having seen all the reviews, you must also know that these trimmers aren’t a lot expensive than the regular electric ones. These are also easily available through online portals and will be your best companions for every morning’s shave!

But if you want to skip all that, safety razors make for an amazing alternative as well!