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Best Websites to Read Articles

In today’s World, if you want to read about something, you have countless websites to choose from but to know which one can give you the best of the correct and reliable information is really difficult to know in the first strand. So, here is the list of 10 of the best Websites to read Articles from. These websites have been picked up because of their content, huge as well as creative, and the X-factor such sites have that set them apart from the crowd. Let us have a look at them one by one and see how they can make you smarter and wiser!

  1. InvestopediaInvestopedia is a website that offers an ocean of financial content and everything you need to know or would like to know about the world of investing. Investopedia makes it easy to digest and really understand the financial markets. There are numerous resources like articles, tutorials and video, exam preparation quizzes, educational content and tools to help empower the individual investor and keep you up with the ever-changing world of money, and the news stories to keep you update with. Today the site attracts millions of visitors per month seeking to improve their financial understanding.
  2. Lifehacker– Lifehacker is one of the highly useful sites, you’ll ever find. It has an abundant of tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done. There is no category which lifehacker has not incorporated yet. One side it has articles on Life, Success, Household, Fun , Travel, etc. while on the other hand it has write ups for technology, Help, Productivity, Work, Money, motivation, how to work hard, tips to succeed, financial tips too. if you are in search of any article, just type in lifehacker and believe me, you’ll not be disappointed.
  3. Quora– Quora is a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users. Get your questions answered by the experts or other users with the same interest as yours, or go through the various questions other people have already asked. On your visit to Quora, you’ll find it has questions related to almost all the spheres of life. Right from secrets of successful business people to entertainment & food. If you ever wanted to ask a question or have a question within you but you want to read about it before putting it forward, Quora is for you!
  4. Project Gutenberg– Have you ever imagined a library that can provide you with countless free books that you can preserve with you for the entire life? If yes, Project Gutenberg is the answer to your dreams. It gives you the complete access to download thousands of free high quality e-books and read numerous articles. The best part is, it’s completely legal.
  5. The World Factbook– The World Factbook was created by the CIA to meet up the need for more comprehensive basic intelligence. It is your encyclopaedia for research, allowing you to cite facts and details that pertain to a seemingly endless amount of information from reputable sources. The Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, energy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.
  6. Feedster– It is a website that has contents on a variety of projects that include the publicity of achievements of different kinds and projects by entrepreneurs among the common people. research, surveys, business & marketing , tips, graphics, blogging, branding, business, etc. The website covers several aspects like lifestyle, marketing, SEO, business, moneymaking, medical and several other everyday general issues and the achievements or projects related to these issues by skilled entrepreneurs. However, the company’s main motive is the publicity of the various projects completed by the heroes or the achieving entrepreneurs and to help the reader gain insight and knowledge on the subject.
  7. Wikipedia– Wikipedia is the web-based, free-content encyclopaedia. It is a live collaboration and is continually created and updated. People visit Wikipedia either to acquire knowledge or to share knowledge. Wikipedia has more than two hundred and eighty languages, All of these are maintained, updated, and managed by separate communities, and often include information and articles that can be hard to find through other common sources.
  8. The Self Employed– is a website created by Steve Strauss. It provides a lot of information and advice through its articles. It focuses on write-ups especially in the context of start-up, Ecommerce, Insurance, Gig Economy, Tech, Offices, Law and Tax issues, etc.
  9. The HuffingtonPost– The Huffington post is the destination for news, blogs and original content offering coverage of politics, entertainment, style, world news, technology and comedy. It has the Article from every walk of life and provides a great reader experience.
  10. Harvard Business Review– HBR is the world’s most influential management magazine. Its website advises the newest of the ideas and strategies in innovation and leadership from world’s best business and management experts.