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Writing Techniques for Speed


Did you ever imagine writing the same amount of work you do in half the time or the double the amount of work you do in the same amount of your time? Yes, it is very much possible if the proper methodology is followed!

Here are 10 efficient ways that can help you double your speed of writing:

  • Select the topic: Sometimes, when a writer doesn’t find anything to say, he faces a block but if he has too much to say, even that’s problematic too. Always select a topic first for your writing so that your post can be focused. This words wonder if implemented into the writing.
  • Outline your approach: Preparing your facts beforehand or just jotting down the broad categories to be written, helps a great way to write faster.
  • Prepare a list of tips: Select the tips you that you find useful for your write up and write your sub headlines. Explain each tip in a few sentences or paragraphs.
  • Single task: Do a single task at a time, that is, free yourself from any distractions while you’re writing. Putting aside all your social media and mail beeps, will significantly increase the speed of your writing by simply doing nothing other than writing. 
  • Stop looking perfection in your first draft: Don’t look for perfection with your first draft. The first draft is all about penning down your immediate thoughts on the subject. While you’re finished with your first draft, you can edit it later and give it a finishing touch by fine toning it. It implies that you shouldn’t edit while you write. Writing and editing should be separate tasks. 
  • Inspire with your conclusion: Get your audience engaged till the end by saving an interesting card to be open at the conclusion. 
  • Deadline: Before even you sit down for to start writing, freeze a deadline for you and try completing the task before the deadline finishes. This is surely to cut down the time you spend writing articles. 
  • Passion: It may sound ridiculous at first but have you ever noticed the time we take doing something we are passionate about? It is much less than the time we would take otherwise. Thus, if you are working on a topic you are passionate about, you are likely to write faster spending less of your time.
  • Routine: Set a routine in terms of time and place when you write up. Sometimes, we get used to writing at some particular time, sitting at a particular place and this is when we can be our very best with the outputs. Recognize your comfortable routine and adhere to that so as to write more effectively.
  • Formatting & Polishing: Formatting your writing & polishing it with different writing styles is the last thing that should be one your mind while writing. First complete the draft, then fine tone it and then when you are through with your content, only then look for formatting and polishing.

Once you follow the above norms while you write, you’ll know the delights of fast writing. Happy writing!