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Business and Sales: Advice and Secrets From the Big Players

The world of business and sales is complex, and negotiating the waters of success involves logical decisions and bold moves. With some tips and tricks in your box of ideas, you can apply the best and most creative tools to advance your business forward and enjoy the benefits of success. Unique marketing ideas and assertive sales techniques will help you gain an edge for your business and leave your competition in the dust. Here are some of the best takeaways from the Titans of Real Estate summit, held in Sydney.

Build A Creative Marketing Campaign

One of the biggest advantages you can enjoy in business is capitalizing on your competitor’s weaknesses. If you have savvy competitors with high-quality marketing, savvy social media campaigns and an excellent product, your work is cut out for you. But if your competitors are dropping the ball in any way, taking advantage of their gaps can only benefit your company. The ability to set plans and implement them fully is something that eludes many business owners; your ability to complete and maintain business campaigns will set the bar for excellence in your industry. Original, memorable marketing campaigns will get the attention of potential clients and make them curious about your business while drawing attention to your name and business brand.

Gain Notoriety and Market Domination

The notoriety you will gain by setting the bar in your industry will help you build your marketing campaigns as well. Saturating the market with your name and business information ensures that prospective clients will recognize your branding, and it will help you to achieve market domination. Over-the-top marketing may seem annoying, but that should be a goal to reach so you know your marketing has been effective. Building notoriety is based on many factors, and gaining visibility in your community through the media, business relationships, local celebrities and personal projects will help you gain essential visibility for your business.


Keep Track of Your Clients and Develop Lasting Relationships

Keeping a database or CRM of your customers is critical to your success in sales and business. Keeping in touch with your clients, identifying their needs and addressing their goals is the key to developing client relationships that are loyal and lasting. Although the opportunity to save money is important to customers, they are also motivated by personal relationships and your ability to make them feel important. Ask for the sale, and always follow up with your promises. When you maintain client relationships, you’ll also get their valuable referrals which have a very high rate of client conversion.

Write a Book and Become a Celebrity Expert

Becoming a celebrity or an expert in your field can be as simple as writing a book. Glenn Twiddle explains that, when you are a published author, you will instantly achieve authority status in your industry. Think big and be fearless in pursuing a publisher and obtaining a book deal. Resilience and your ability to overcome rejections or objections will serve you well; pursuing a book deal, as with sales, requires just one “yes” to get things started. Name recognition in your industry means that potential clients will call your business first. Like a political campaign, making yourself visible and accessible will put your name out there and set your business up for success.

Be Humble: Engage with Role Models and Your Staff

Despite your knowledge and expertise in the industry, be humble and continue to engage with teachers and role models. Learning never ends, and your willingness to stay tuned into new ideas and other perspectives will bring positive feelings towards you and your business. Your belief in your business and engagement with the industry will keep your staff believing in you as well. Never forget the importance of the happiness of your staff; if they are happy and thriving in their work, your customers will notice and continue to be loyal to your business.
With a thoughtful plan and the willingness to take logical risks and a step outside your defined comfort zone, you can yield huge gains for your business. Merely following a standard marketing plan and keeping up with your competition will not be enough. Authentic engagement, assertive marketing and a commitment to your clients will build a business of which you can be proud.