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Career & Parenthood: 7 Things You Need to Consider

Building a successful career and raising a child can both be hard at times, but a career and parenthood combined can really drain all of your energy in no time. However, sometimes we can’t afford to make a choice between these two, and that is when it’s necessary to develop certain superpowers.

Thankfully, there will be no need for divine intervention here – you just need to change your mindset a bit. Well, that’s a lie – not a bit, a lot. In fact, your whole lifestyle needs to be turned around, but if you do it right, you won’t have to give up anything.

Leave Work in Your Office


I know you must be exhausted because of all the hard work you’re doing day after day, but it’s time to become a pro and leave your work-related thoughts where they belong – in your office. If you don’t know how to do this, you won’t be able to devote your attention to your child.

You should start by learning how to clear your mind. Obviously, meditation is a great choice, but you need to implement it into your daily schedule. Maybe you should start by taking a 15 minute break somewhere quiet after work hours. That way, you’ll be fresh and positive when you get back home.

And the Other Way Around

Raising a family isn’t easy. There’s always something going on, and whether it’s good or bad, you mustn’t allow those events to follow you to work. In order to have a fulfilling career that’s also profitable, you need to be able to devote your time and effort to it day in and day out.

Shop Online


This is a real time and money saver. Instead of driving for half an hour, spending time on selecting groceries and waiting in line to pay for them, you can simply order them online. You can do this with everything else as well – find new toys for your child, get new work-wear for your office and even some furniture and appliances. Your life will definitely change for the better when you start doing this.

Stick to Your Schedule

This one is quite important. In order to find the perfect balance and manage to do everything on your daily to-do list, you need to be very disciplined. So, when you have a dilemma about whether or not you should go for a drink or two with your coworkers, and your schedule doesn’t really allow for it, just don’t.

Don’t Deny Help


It’s not a question of whether or not you can do it all by yourself. No one doubts your skills and devotion, but why should you exhaust yourself when it’s not necessary? Instead of practically passing out every time you finally go to bed, you should simply accept help when it’s being offered to you.

So, the very next time when one of your friends or members of your family asks if there is something you’d like them to do for you, just say yes. Look at it this way – you’ll have more time to rest and recharge your batteries, which directly affects the quality of your work and the quality time you spend with your children.

Write It Down

You should do everything in your power to make things easier, even when it comes to minor details. That is why you shouldn’t overwhelm your mind by trying to remember everything – simply write it down. A mall hack such as this one might seem irrelevant, but you’ll be able to see a significant change as soon as you start applying it.

Stay Positive

Mother and baby in home office with laptop

No one said this will be easy. You will need a lot of strength and willpower, but as long as you keep your spirit up and are always able to remember what’s important in life and why are you doing all of this, you’ll be just fine.

This routine is like any other, and it will take time for it to sink in. Try not to exhaust yourself, and be sure to occasionally find time for yourself and your friends – it’s quite important to talk your problems out with people you love and trust. The bottom line is you can do this, you just need to get used to it.