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Celebrate Your Fourth Of July With A Fantastic BBQ

Holiday barbeques can be sensational events, but all too often, people make their guests eat the same boring dishes. These hosts throw prepackaged hot dogs and frozen burgers on the grill, stick cans of beer in coolers and set out bags of plain chips on tables. If you want to throw a fourth of July barbeque, here is how you can serve exciting and mouth-watering dishes to everyone there.

Exceed your guests’ expectations by tossing some fresh lobsters onto the charcoal, wood-fired or gas grill. Put together someMaine lobster rolls by using the grilled meat to make the filling and stuffing it into thick toasted hot dog buns. This twist on the New England classic will be great for a barbeque because your guests won’t need steel crackers or bibs to enjoy their meal. Serve these with delicious summery sides like corn on the cob, creamy coleslaw and chunky potato salad. To make planning quick and simple, you can buy lobster online from the website Lobster Anywhere and they can ship everything you need to your home address within twenty-four hours. They can send juicy Maine lobster to any location in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. 

If you are going to give your guests succulent grilled lobster rolls, you need to whip up drinks that are equally dazzling — think of bright and boozy summer cocktails served in quaint mason jars with sliced strawberry garnishes and striped paper straws. Consider stirring up a big batch of honey bourbon lemonade for a fun adult twist on a nostalgic beverage — for any guests that don’t like the taste of bourbon, liquors like dark rum, vodka or gin will be interesting mixes. The bottles and tall cans of generic beer stuffed in coolers can still be used as backup plans for when you inevitably run out of your lemonade cocktail.

Deck out a table with a variety of gorgeous treats that match the patriotic theme of your holiday event. Bake a show-stopping centerpiece like an American flag layer cake coated with red, white and blue icing and sprinkles—when you cut out a piece, it should reveal a familiar pattern of stripes and stars. For an extra special touch, stick some sparklers into the top of the cake and light them up before digging in. For atreat that is a little subtler in flavor and appearance, you can put out an all-American apple pie on the table and serve it with scoops of cool vanilla ice cream andpinches of ground cinnamon. This dessert is a sweet staple of the country’s traditional cuisine, so eating a slice is an appropriate way to finish off your celebration.

There is no better way to show off your pride in your country than serving classic American dishes with your closest friends and family. Whether it’s with New England lobster rolls or red, white and blue cakes, you will be proving your patriotism with every bite you take.

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