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Change of Career: 4 Creative Jobs You Can Start from Your Home

If you often find yourself fantasizing about another career path while you’re in a dull gray office, you should stop dreaming and start doing. Sure, there are bills that need to be paid, so you can’t really march in your boss’ office and dramatically quit, but you can start your new career from the safety of your home during your free time.

Naturally, you’ll be exhausted at first, but if that’s the price you need to pay for your dream job, than you definitely should give it a go. The next five professions on my list will give you plenty of freedom to experiment day after day, meet different people and explore the limits of your creativity, so check them out!

Bring Beauty to the World


If you think that the very thing that’s lacking in our world is more beauty and if you like to experiment with colors while making other people feel good about themselves, you should start having fun with makeup. My suggestion is to start with online tutorials and see what famous makeup artists are doing. Surely, their achievements should be something to strive for, but take it slow – you’ll get there in time.

After you test a few looks on yourself, it’s a great idea to have your friends over and use them as your guinea pigs. With a good camera and a fresh idea, your work could easily go viral on social platforms and voila – you can start charging for your services.

Make Every Day Delicious

It’s not only you who’s tired of having the same meals day after day, usually consisting of unhealthy junk foods, but it could be you who finally puts an end to that by spending some time in the kitchen experimenting. You shouldn’t be discouraged if you’re a complete newbie and you get burned every time you enter the kitchen – I bet most accomplished chefs started that way.

Begin your journey slowly with simple recipes and climb your way up from there. When you get a bit more confident, you should once again call your friends or family and have them over for a delicious meal – I’m sure no one will say no to that.

Bring Ideas to Life


If you want to make your dreams a reality and do so literally, perhaps the best new calling for you would be drawing. People often believe that you need to be particularly talented in order to create art, but that’s far from truth – all you really need to find in yourself is a spark of originality and create a unique style.

If you do devote yourself to this career, a bright future might be waiting for you in the world of cartoons. You should start by learning about different animation styles, and who knows – you may eventually become a part of one of the famous animation houses like Pixar.

Create Your Own Worlds


If you have a mystical and wondrous world in your mind, it’s very selfish of you not to share it with others. Like drawing and cooking, writing skills can be developed – all you need is the right motivation. When I feel like all my sources are exhausted and I can’t seem to write a single sentence I like, I turn to books that inspired me to start writing in the first place, so my suggestion to you is to do the same.

I sincerely believe that reading is the most enriching tool you could possibly find when it comes to improving your writing skills – the more, the better. Even if you find yourself in the middle of the book you don’t really like, you should force yourself to finish it – when you’re done, you’ll have a better idea of what you don’t like and that is a very valuable piece of information to have.
None of the creative job ideas I have listed require large investments or practically any space that you don’t already have at your disposal but you shouldn’t just settle for what you have. You should focus on creating a perfect home office space which will suite your needs. You need to be willing, persistent and open to constructive criticism – everything else will come to you in time. Good luck!

  • I’ve been wanting to make a little bit of extra money on the side and these are all awesome ideas. I love the idea of doing makeup. I’ve always thought it was amazing what people can do with makeup! I think it would be so cool to be a makeup artist for movies and stuff. Are there classes for that sort of thing?