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Choosing a Good SEO Company

The difference between choosing a good San Diego SEO marketing company and choosing a bad one can become very expensive indeed, it is true to say that all websites can be optimized however how much you have to pay for your keywords to be at the top will depends on the methods you deploy to get there.

Here are some of the elements you should incorporate into your SEO strategy:

SEO Friendly URL’s:

Each page allows for Search Engine Friendly URL’s you can check this by simply making sure that they read accurately do does not contain a string of code. In the best CMS you should be able to change these.

Meta Title Tags:

Every single page on your site must have a distinctive Meta Title tag. Again you need to be in a position to manipulate this on each separate page. You should position your most significant key phrases within title tags.

Meta Description Tags:

Each and every webpage allows for an exclusive Meta description tag. Generally, Google uses the Meta description tag for the txt snippet that it displays in the search engine results page. It’s also smart to include the top key phrases in your meta description.

Meta Keywords Tags:

Each and every page has the option to include unique Meta Key phrases. Now that Google has formally reported that Meta keywords are no longer utilized, they could be considered redundant, however it’s always better to be safe than sorry with meta keywords, the ideas of people change and Google is not “quite” the only search engine on the globe.

The Content Management System or CMS:

A good quality CMS would permit the simple inclusion of site wide code to help the utilization of internet site analytics programs, a pivotal tool in your SEO process not to mention any conversion rate, especially if you have an e Commerce internet site.

The CMS should automatically generate and bring up to date its site map and create an XML feed to be certain Google is actually informed at once of any internet site additions.

These Content management systems use clean CSS web design in order to minimize the percentage of content material to HTML on every webpage. This helps it be a lot easier for any search engine spiders to determine the subject material within a page.

The CMS shall recommend and also assist the utilization of correct on page HTML tagging, that include h1 especially with regard to titles. Again this actually helps the search engine robots correctly index an internet page.


Your chosen CMS should allow for breadcrumbs these not only enhance the users experience in navigation but are also viewed favorably with Google.

Load speed

The site loading speed is also of importance. Google has made it clear that they will favor websites that provide better user experience highlighting page load speed as one of the factors. So many CMS techniques make things tricky for their users. The last thing you want to do is spend cash on the web site only to find out that search engines can’t decipher it.

Here are the most important factors listed for your SEO strategy. If you require SEO services, please don’t hesitate to contact Break The Web SEO Optimization. We will ensure that you have the best strategy in place, to rank your site for the long term.