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Coloured Glass Splashbacks Give your Kitchen Personality

Creating a unique looking kitchen can be quite tricky. The reason for this is because most of us have been taught that smooth and shiny surfaces in the kitchen relate to clean and functional. However, adding some textural elements to your kitchen can add some much needed visual interest and make the room more appealing.

One of the trends that is currently sweeping the nation is adding coloured glass backsplash. There is a good reason why this trend is becoming so popular. Glass backsplashes are modern, sleek, and can be easily customized. In addition, they are inexpensive, low maintenance, extremely versatile, and can be cleaned easily.

No matter what style that you have, bold or classic, loud or neutral, the endless options available from a glass backsplash for hue, design, texture, and size, make it a beautiful addition for any kitchen. However, you may be wondering if this trend is right for you. Below you will find some information about the cost, appearance, and maintenance of this current home improvement trend that can help you determine if using coloured glass splashbacks is something you want to do.


When starting any home improvement project one of the first things that most homeowners are concerned about is the cost. It is possible to complete this project yourself. If you choose to do it yourself you will need to consider the sourcing of the glass plates, how much the glass costs, colour and texture of the glass, and how you will affix the glass to your walls. Before installing the coloured glass backsplash you will need to clean your walls thoroughly.

There are several paint options that adhere to glass and the colour and size of the glass backsplash can be customized to meet your needs. The cost for materials will range from $19 to $35 per square foot.

While installing coloured glass backsplash on your own is an option, it is often a good idea to consider hiring a professional to do the installation for you. The reason for this is because working with glass can be difficult and these tiles can break while you are installing them. A professional will be able to make sure that each tile is installed correctly. In addition, while the cost of hiring a professional may be more up front, most contractors will be able to get a better price on materials, so the cost may even out in the long run.


When choosing a colour for your glass backsplash it is a good idea to find options that will withstand the ebbs and flows of fashion. Do not make the mistake of choosing a coloured backsplash that looks great when it is installed, but when they go to sell their home it becomes an eyesore.

If you are looking to add some colour or to add a focal point, make sure that you choose a colour that you will still love in the years to come.


Perhaps the biggest reason this trend is so popular is because glass backsplash looks great and is easy to maintain. You can easily wipe the glass clean and glass will not get moldy or stain. This is a great feature to add behind your hood range or in the area around your sink.

To clean, use a soft bristled brush to avoid scratching the glass or damaging the grout.

Overall, if you are looking for a great way to add some pizazz to your kitchen, coloured glass backsplash just might be the perfect choice.

  • I love that my glass splashback is so easy to clean. I cook a lot and even if I try to cook clean, food still gets all over the place. The glass splashback is so much easier to clean than my previous tiled splashback. My kitchen looks so much cleaner than it did before!