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Compression sleeves: are they the secret to better workouts for busy professionals?

While computer technology is hailed as the biggest game-changer in human productivity for centuries, we have yet to find a technology that will automatically make us healthier. However, a number of companies selling calf compression sleeves are hoping to solve that problem. While compression wear may not instantly transform users into top athletes, they are marketed as a way to improve the quality of exercise users get on a daily basis.

How did compression sleeves get so popular?

best calf compression sleevesAfter the financial crisis, a number of professionals felt the need to throw themselves into their work in order to justify their value to their company, and as a result, have pushed things like exercise into the margin. A number of these individuals are of the baby boomer generation, and are now feeling the effects of the aging process. They also feel the pressure from younger generations, hungry for their position, and so they are beginning to use physical fitness as a way to feel and look younger. While they are educated enough to realize that exercise is vital to living a healthy, productive life, the stress of popular activities like running are sometimes too much for older muscles and joints. As a result, in addition to creating a demand in the health supplement market, these aging career professionals have also found that devices like calf compression sleeves are the sort of wearable technology that allows them to exercise and recover quickly.

The technology behind compression sleeves

Marathoners have used compression wear for many years, and it now seems to be catching on with the masses, especially those who are looking for a way to alleviate shin splints, calf strains, and muscle fatigue. There are several benefits from the compression technology: they limit swelling, keep the muscles and joints warm during exercise, aid with circulation, and protect the lower leg from feeling unstable during exercise. Using a technology known as “graduated compression”, the sleeves actually help to move blood from the lower extremities back toward the heart in order to help oxygenate the blood.

Who buys calf compression sleeves?

A spokesman from DinoDerm, a Florida-based calf compression sleeve company, said

We find that a lot of our customers are not necessarily triathletes, though we have a number who are of that category, but the majority of them tend to be regular individuals who want to stay active without injuring themselves.

Reading into that statement a bit suggests that the consumers of calf compression sleeves and other compression socks and compression wear, are probably not high school athletes, but individuals who are both educated enough to want to remain healthy, but whose bodies may not be able to perform like they did when they were teenagers.

Time will tell whether compression sleeves will remain popular, but one thing is for sure: everybody, whether a high-flying professional or not, is looking for an edge that will allow them to add life to their years and years to their life. For that reason, we hope that compression sleeves will continue to encourage people to remain physically active no matter what their age.

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