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Can a Content Delivery Network Help Boost SEO?

In today’s hyper-connected, consumer-driven digital landscape, boosting your brand’s search authority and cementing the growth of your business comes down to a number of critical factors – most of which are centered on customer experience, user experience and the creation of rich, relevant and inspiring content. This article breaks down content delivery networks and if they work well with boosting your SEO.

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Can a Content Delivery Network Help Boost SEO
Can a Content Delivery Network Help Boost SEO Source


While its true that link juice, comprehensive keyword research, and technical site indexing still play a significant role in boosting your SEO authority, if your website isn’t working to its optimum level and you’re not delivering the right content to your prospects, relevant to your niche, your chances of long-term success are being hindered.

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Today’s digital native demands true value and transparency from the brands in which they’re looking to invest; they also want a user experience that is seamless. If they get anything less, they will not use your business and it will hurt your SEO prospects in the process.

Poor site performance not only hurts your conversion rates, but it also hinders your search authority. In fact, 47% of customer expect a webpage to load in two seconds, or less. Plus, a one-second delay in page load time translates to an 11% loss of page views.

Now, a content delivery network (CDN) has the ability to eliminate site latency, optimise your content to boost general website performance, protect your site from potential cyber attacks and provide the kind of analytical tools that offer invaluable consumer insights for your marketing initiatives – the kind of which that can help boost your brand’s SEO authority, significantly.

What is a CDN, exactly?

Fundamentally, a CDN is a network of distributed servers that serves to help in the delivery of a business’s various digital content assets, based on their geographical location, in addition to the origin of the webpage and the content delivery server itself.

Robust platforms, such as the Incapsula CDN, help maintain website performance, in turn, boosting productivity and increasing overall business efficiency.

CDNs and SEO

A CDN is an integral part of a brand’s search strategy as it can significantly increase page speed and make content delivery far more efficient – two essential SEO ranking factors. Essentially, content delivery networks assist in the technical aspects of your web-based assets.

For instance, a CDN has the ability to make sure every version of your website, across a multitude of servers and locations, remain identical. CDNs also use caching algorithms and canonical headers to help boost the SEO of your site by dealing with duplicate content creation issues that can seriously harm your rankings on the likes of Google.

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To help paint a clear and direct picture of how a CDN can assist in the enhancement of your business’s overall commercial efforts – here is a summary for your reference:

  • Quicker load times for content on your site (particularly useful for boosting the performance of your mobile site).
  • Image compression to enhance performance through the reduction of the size of images delivered to the user.
  • Session optimization to reduce the number of open connections to your web server.
  • Scaling seamlessly in instances where there is increased or heavy traffic to your website.
  • Cementing the overall stability of your website by reducing the risk of traffic spikes at the point of origin.
  • Improved site performance and a better customer experience.

Concerning the evolution of your business’s SEO strategy, a CDN is a pivotal tool for ongoing success. There is no overnight solution for boosting your search rankings, but by delivering dynamic content to your users, following best practice and implementing a robust CDN, success will be yours in no time.

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